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You see, this blog is not my bread and butter. It’s a product of my creativity and passion, to strike a difference in this mundane life. I write both my personal adventures and new-found discoveries here, and sometimes I write for others too —to promote food businesses, restaurants or products I find worthy of sharing. Although the sponsorship in certain posts are accepted, I write my unbiased opinions based on personal experiences.

Blog Categories

Food– Where I feature restaurants, cafes, food finds, products both local and abroad. I also post my recipes, as seen in Dani’s Kitchen.

Travels– Where I post my travel adventures in the provinces around the country and hopefully, more posts for escapades abroad.

Lifestyle- Where I post events outside my niche (food and travel). I only post which I find relevant or useful to me and my readers, and which will not be in conflict with my interests and values. I also share here some helpful tips related to food, travel and life in general.

Slices of Life and In Between- Where I write my personal reflections and insights, random musings and observations.

Giveaways- Where I announce giveaways for my blog. Incentives are usually in kind or in gift certificates only. No monetary incentives are distributed.

On Content and Ethics

Although I find press releases helpful to provide more resources and references to my topic, I do not copy them verbatim. It is synonymous to plagiarism and equates lack of originality to the part of the blogger. Thus, all content posted here is original and is mine. I often cite sources for my photos (if not mine) or provide backlinks to other articles.

I don’t have a watermark for my photos as I do not consider myself a professional photographer just yet. However, I am considering this idea in the future. You may use my photos but please give due credit.

Off Topics

I do not write about alcohol, smoking, drugs, showbiz, gambling sexually-related issues, politics and religion. I also don’t write about products which are in conflict with the products that I am using.

Inclusions and Deadlines

When I am asked to participate in an event and write about it, I normally allot one week for finishing the post, or depending on the workload. (I also juggle tasks in my day-job and at home). I post it also on the my social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook Page. I don’t have a twitter account for my blog.

For questions and inquiries, feel free to send me an email at danicairelle@gmail.com.

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