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I Received My First Box of Goodies from Thalera #FREEvoritemoment

When I heard about the free goodies of Thalera being sent to its consumers, I got curious and tried to register. I didn’t expect that was legit because I was thinking only the selected registrants will be chosen to be the recipients or worse,…

Reasons Why I love Cooking (And How Can you Learn it Too)

Cooking is my passion. I started to learn some basic recipes when I was around 10 years old, mostly by helping my parents in the kitchen. I was given little tasks such as peeling the veggies, slicing the ingredients and sometimes washing the dishes….

Diamond in the Rough Blog Has Been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Two years ago, I started a blog to document my food and travel adventures. It’s not only a platform to restore the memories in my adventures and look back at it later, it is an outlet for expressing myself through my passions. When I…

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