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Plakafe: A Fusion of Art, Vinyl Music and Cuisine in Baguio City

Baguio will always be one of my favorite destinations for vacation. Even with the outgrowing number of tourists that slightly obstructs its natural beauty, Baguio holds this undisputed charm that won’t dissuade me from visiting it. I know there are still beautiful places, stories,…

The Giving Cafe: Redefining Coffee with a Purpose

Coffee, with its unparalleled benefits and innovations has now evolved from a mere commodity to recreation, art, leisure and experience. Not only that, it can also be a platform for making a difference in the society, improving the lives of others. Instrumental to that…

Why Every Dog Lover Should Visit Barkin’ Blends

My weekend breathers usually consist of going to the grocery, a new restaurant or salon. But last weekend was a bit different. I thought of doing an unusual activity to destress and at the same time learn something new. I pondered and thought of…

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