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Authentic, Affordable Ramen and Japanese Dishes at Ukkokei Japan by Menzo

You’ve read the signals right: I’m a big Ramen lover. My Ramen adventures spanning from the budget, mid-range, to the high-end ones familiarized me with its different variations and interestingly, the bustling Ramen scene in the Metro is quite a good subject to study….

Sugarhouse Rolls out Christmas Catalogue for Sweeter Celebrations

Christmas is a cherished occasion to celebrate the festivities of all sorts. In the spirit of lively gatherings and parties, food plays an integral role to represent the abundance of blessings this holiday season. And speaking of food, we couldn’t get away with the…

Food Trip at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Makati: A Quick Review

I’m sure you’ve heard about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Reading a review before heading to any of its branches may no longer be necessary. It’s a hit restaurant known for its Pinoy comfort food served ala gourmet style but at reasonable prices. If you are…

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