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Bench Cafe Highstreet: When Bench is More Than Just A Retail Store

A day before Lorraine left for Australia, we met again in BGC. Indeed, time will never be enough for good friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. She is the type of friend that doesn’t need any grand attention nor superfluous celebration,…

United Bloggers Philippines Holds Thanksgiving Party

The year 2017 was remarkable for me. It was the year I started to join groups in blogging which paved the way for me to meet new friends and be introduced to local brands in the community. It opened doors of opportunity for me…

Dapo Bar and Restaurant: Making Your Occasions Extra Memorable

It’s indeed the most festive time of the year! Typically, it’s the season when we gather with our friends, families and loved ones to celebrate the holidays over food and gift-giving. As we participate in subsequent celebrations left and right, the dilemma would always…

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