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Nana’s Farm: A Tranquil Country House in Tagaytay

As a traveler, I noticed I’ve changed preferences. I wanted to deviate a little bit from the mainstream to pursue the road less traveled. I guess it comes with the maturity that it gets clear what you want, even if that does not conform…

Fab Airbnb Staycation at Wind Residences Tagaytay

For our mom’s 55th birthday, we wanted to make it extra special so my siblings and I intended to celebrate it in Tagaytay. We initially thought of booking a hotel but later on decided to make a reservation through AirBnb for practical and convenient…

Coffee, Desserts and Nature at Bag of Beans Athena, Tagaytay

A roadtrip to Tagaytay won’t be complete without visiting Bag of Beans.  Aside from the luscious desserts, coffee variants and hefty brunch servings, Bag of Beans is known for its charming locations that match your preference for a place to unwind. I’ve been to Rotonda…

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