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A Sweet Stop at Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop

I’ve known Vizco’s as the famous, leading supplier of the luscious Strawberry Shortcake in Baguio. Even if it was not much publicized years ago in online platforms getting honored as one of the must-to-go-places in Baguio, it has been the talk of the town…

Plakafe: A Fusion of Art, Vinyl Music and Cuisine in Baguio City

Baguio will always be one of my favorite destinations for vacation. Even with the outgrowing number of tourists that slightly obstructs its natural beauty, Baguio holds this undisputed charm that won’t dissuade me from visiting it. I know there are still beautiful places, stories,…

Forest House Bistro and Cafe: A Dreamy Restaurant in Baguio City

I have always admired unique restaurant concepts. To be immersed in a different theme while dining creates worthy milestones and memories. While my satisfaction for the food remains a primary consideration, I likewise include ambiance and details as distinguishing factors too for a worthwhile…

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