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Tour C in El Nido: Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Star Beach, Matinloc Shrine and Helicopter Island

Just after a five-hour sleep at Balay Paragua, we woke up as early as 6 am the following day to prepare for the start of our island tour. It was only a short rest to recover from the  gruesome traveling hours, but our excitement…

Rediscovering El Nido in 4 Days: A Travel Guide

Second Time’s the Charm It’s my second time in El Nido. Back in 2015, I did not have the courage to blog about it fearing that I might not give justice to the beautiful place through my words and photos. El Nido is too…

Nacpan Beach and Las Cabañas: El Nido’s Pieces of Paradise

When you talk about El Nido, you’d equate it to beautiful islands, lagoons and limestone cliffs. Little did we know that there are other beaches around that are exquisitely beautiful on their own, and comparison is pretty much a taboo. Just like the other…

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