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Casual Chinese Dining at Wang Fu Serendra

My family is not adaptable to foreign cuisines so taking them out during family dinners is quite a challenge. Good thing, there is a Chinese restaurant in Serendra which was a safe option and a familiar cuisine to their conservative palate.  Wang Fu saved…

Never Too Late at Early Bird Breakfast Club

Hearty breakfasts in the morning are my delight. Waking up to toasted bacon, sunny egg yolk and fluffy pancakes, sipping coffee while the sunrise peeks through the window, I take pleasure in eating my heart out in the morning before I start my day. And…

A Taste of Yugoslavian Cooking at Balkan BGC

I always wanted to try something different when dining out with my girl friends every week for our “All-Female” session. It’s not only to collect ideas for my blogging, but to make each session spent with them as special as our conversations and bonding…

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