Tag: Self-realization

A Birthday to Remember

For the past two years, I reported to work even if it was my birthday. This year, I decided to take a two-day leave at the office to solely concentrate on spending quality time with my family and not be interrupted with anything associated…

Why Visiting Your Former School is Life Changing

Last October 2017, I visited my high school with my friends Rekha and Euri. It started with a random tagging at a Facebook post then popped the question “Tara, visit tayo sa CSA!” “Kailan? Bukas pwede ako !” Knowing that it is very rare for…

What 2017 Taught Me

Writing this was not easy, hence the delay. Although there are lots of excuses to be made not publishing this, (such as work, busyness, etc.), I just can’t break a yearly tradition and skip looking back at 2017. But tracing the root of my…

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