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Traveling Essentials for the Smart Backpacker

I love to travel. The idea of going to the mountain, a secluded island or a remote city in the country thrills me. With my frequency in traveling, somehow I already have a list consistent list of must-haves when going outdoors. Completing your traveling…

Tips in Planning a Staycation with the Family

Staycation is now a well-rounded alternative for family outings, a great idea for a bonding activity.  Considering the unfavorable condition of traffic nowadays, many prefer staycation over out-of-town travels to save time and energy. It’s easier to plan, based on my experience. I have…

Christmas Gift-Giving Hacks and Thrift Tips

Since I started working, I consider gift-giving as an important part of our Christmas celebration. It’s my little way of giving back to others, sharing my blessings with them. Gift-giving is also one of my primary love languages to other people so I do…

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