When I became a career woman taking headstrong tasks, wearing many hats and adapting to crazy time zone shifts, I have learned to take coffee as a sweet respite from everything stressful. It helps me calm my nerves and reminds me to take things lightly amid the fast turn of events.

And being the slightly-coffee- aficionado that I am, I would always love to have that “coffee time” should I want to spend more time with you after a restaurant date. On my last reunion with my college buddies,  I took them to Costa Coffee – a café that’s been around the news lately for its alluring charm and unbeatable global brand.


Costa Coffee may have set its foot just last year in the Philippines, but it carries a name tagged as UK’s number 1 Coffee Chain, and the second largest coffee chain next to Starbucks. Founded in 1971 by Italian brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa in London,  Costa Coffee has more than a thousand branches sprawling in 30 different countries all around the globe. In five months, they already have five branches in the country and aiming for more. Boasting a bad-ass profile as mighty as that, Costa has impressed on me that there’s much to look forward to as I sit down and take that coffee sip.


Stepping into the English- themed spacious cafe with bold tones of red, furnished with brick walls and wooden fixtures, we smelled the welcoming aroma of the roasted beans wafting through the air.  The Union Jack couches and Red Phone Booth added color to the cafe’s cheerful London vibe. Unlike swamped coffee shops stressful to one’s sight, Costa BGC has a breathable space and a vibrant mood to suit your relaxations needs.



Costa uses Mocha Italia from its own roastery in London, which is a blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta. They ensure that the beans are light roasted and not to the extent of burning it to avoid the emitting of bitter taste. I am not familiar with the “Barista language” but from what I understood, Costa diligently prepares their coffee fresh from their espresso machine, unlike other famous coffee stores where coffee is already pumped.





Their baked creations are homemade unlike other cafes with external suppliers. We missed trying their desserts because we were already full but we look forward trying them soon. These pretty goodies sitting elegantly on the glass pastry holder looked luscious and deem worthy to be tried, I thought.



Its flagship store in BGC is an interesting piece of art, an eye-candy to the weary soul. Frames affixed on the wall have so much to speak about the British culture. The huge, multi-colored couches complement style and comfort. One of the baristas told me that the materials of the furniture pieces came from the remnants of the Yolanda tragedy. Some are shipped from London, and are specifically customized for Costa. Although the design is consistent with that of abroad, our local branches take a more fancy yet formal outlook to suit that restaurant-type theme.




costa menu

I had too much on my dinner plate that evening that I wanted to have a drink that will serve as an instant dessert. I ordered Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha Frostino – made up of Belgian whipped cream, cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, vanilla powder and Mocha Italia coffee. I loved the lumps of cookie shavings on my drink.The sweetness was not too overpowering, but it kept me hyped up all night -only to find out it has twice the amount of espresso shots compared to other regular coffee.


For non-coffee drinkers, Belgian Chocolate Cream would be a good option. The distinct taste of Belgian Dark Chocolate is very apparent in this one.

From L-R: Belgian Chocolate Cream, Mocha Cream, Double Chocolate Mocha Frostino, Flat White

Flat White remains as one of the best seller from their line of hot drinks, known for its velvety and creamy milk. Costa is the only coffee chain that uses Cortissimo, a shorter coffee extraction method to build the Flat White. It takes 15 seconds of extraction, compared to Espresso that lasts for 20 seconds.


Last on the list was Mocha Cream, a mocha-based coffee drink blended with the right amount of sweetness but not as strong as my Double Chocolate Cookie.

Every nook and cranny of Costa is definitely amusing. The service was great, the facilities were classy, and the drink selections were wonderful. It is very conducive for meetings, studying, or sharing intimate conversations with your friends. The experience was absolutely worth it. So we resolve that next time, we have to come earlier to have that prolonged time to enjoy the cozy ambiance!

Costa Coffee

Unit 103, Ground Floor, One World Place, 32nd Street, BGC Taguig

Opening Hours: 9 AM to 10 PM

+632 8018470

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CostaCoffeePH

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/costacoffeeph