Uptown is a spot where my friends and I frequently meet before our skate sesh. We normally go to the Food Hall to grab a quick snack in the evening. But since it rained last Friday, we opted to find a new place to have a decent dinner and catch up with each other at the same time. Most of the restaurants and Uptown Food Hall were packed on a Friday payday, so we found Kushikatsu Daruma to hang-out and dine in.

Kushikatsu Daruma was founded in Osaka in 1929. It’s a food concept serving deep-fried breaded skewers in variations of meat, vegetable, chicken and seafood. Having thought that the Kushikatsu craze in Osaka might be a hit in the Philippines, the owner Charles Paw brought it to Uptown BGC. He is the same owner behind the Tasteless Group brands Fowlbread and Wrong Ramen.


What really caught our attention is the cute cartoon spread all over the place. It represents Mr. Ueyama, Kushikatsu Daruma’s official mascot. The quirky anime illustrations plastered everywhere, coupled with signages prohibiting “Double Dipping”, make the place an upbeat, vibrant restau to begin with.



The restau takes the “No Double Dipping” too seriously, but of course we didn’t. The more you are restricted, the higher the urge to bend the rules! It was after our dinner that we found out the reason behind this law. Per table, there is only one tub of sauce served, and for hygienic purposes you should minimize double dipping to be considerate of the others. Each skewer is already flavorful, and it absorbs the dip too well that there is no need to re-submerge it. But of course, since there are no penalties attached, we did not only double-dip,we tripled, quadrupled, just to find out what’s gonna happen after. HAHA!


We ordered one set of Beginner Level (Php 480), consisting of 9 skewers: Classic, Prawn, Chicken with Garlic, Chikuwa, Tsukune (Chicken Meat Balls), Tonkatsu (Pork Loin), Leeks, Potato and Camembert Cheese. Our only mistake was we shared it among us three. Each bite was so addicting, that one set is actually good for one person alone.


Not all sticks are delivered at once and it’s best to consume whilst hot. Coming in uniform appearances, the filling is not easily distinguished until you taste it. Each variant is flavorful, but the potato is my favorite without a doubt. The sauce complements the breading too.


I also ordered the Potato Salad with Kani (Php 120), but I found the serving size too small and salty for my liking.


However, the Miso Soup (Php 60) was well-balanced in terms of flavor and ingredients. Just perfect for that rainy night.


We were also served with complimentary vegetables that can either be dipped in the sauce or serve as a veggie wrap for the skewers.


Had we known earlier that the flavorful bites were hard to resist, we would have ordered three separate sets for each one of us. Once you start, you just can’t stop! At least, now, we know how to strategize the next time around.


Kushikatsu is a laid-back, fun, casual dining place suited for any type of gathering. The quirky elements make it an interesting restaurant concept and favored highly for its unique skewer collections.


Will I ever come back? Definitely – with a bigger appetite and budget of course!

Kushikatsu Daruma Philippines
Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone number: +6322469069 ext:378
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 11 PM
Facebook: kushkikatsudarumaph

Instagram: kushikatsudaruma_ph