As a foodie, I do not only hunt for new restaurants. I also spend my spare time in the kitchen, trying out old and new recipes. I was born to a family who has a great passion for cooking. Being raised in a culture that considers cooking good food as not an exemplary skill but a second nature, I have grown to love creating my own recipes too. It’s my way of expressing my sense of art in culinary and showing my affection to my loved ones. In fact, I am planning to create a separate section in my blog where I can share to my readers my own recipes, as found in my FB album Dani’s Kitchen.

In the meantime that the segment in the blog is still under construction and planning, I found an alternative way of sharing my recipes to fellow foodies like me. is the social networking app for Pinoys that is intended for sharing recipes. Signing up is a piece of cake – you just need to register your email, preferred username and password. Since there are no other qualifications to become a member of this app, everyone is free to join. Even without the knack for cooking but with the eagerness to learn are welcome in this group.

With the convenience in registration, I instantly joined and tried out the site. I shared my first ever recipe: Creamy Pininyahang Manok. You may check out the recipe here:


Just like joining, sharing the recipe takes no sweat! You are just required to fill in some important info such as the recipe name, level of difficulty, list of ingredients, preparation time, steps and keywords. Make sure you upload a photo of the finished product to make it more appealing for your readers.


If you are looking for a particular recipe, you can simply type the keywords at the search bar to check on recipes shared by the other members. You can add friends, place comments and rate the other recipes. It’s the perfect tool to share, to learn, to create and be up-to-date with the latest recipes you’d ever find. This app is perfect for aspiring chefs, mothers, homemakers, and foodies like me who’d want to explore on other recipes apart from those instantly found via web and youtube.

So what are you waiting for? Visit and register at now!

For more info, you may check or visit the FB page