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Nacpan Beach and Las Cabañas: El Nido’s Pieces of Paradise

When you talk about El Nido, you’d equate it to beautiful islands, lagoons and limestone cliffs. Little did we know that there are other beaches around that are exquisitely beautiful on their own, and comparison is pretty much a taboo. Just like the other…

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort: A Sweet Escape

Laiya, Batangas would always be a top destination when scouting for the most accessible yet budget- friendly beach resorts near Metro Manila.  A prominent vacation site just a few hours away from the busy city, it promises the sight of  refreshing white sand, varied range…

Guimaras: More than Sweet Mangoes and Crystalline Waters

After the Gigantes adventure that entailed us to do strenuous activities and proactively try different methods of commuting, my friends and I finally sought a much laid-back escapade in the island province of Guimaras. Situated in between the islands of Panay and Negros, Guimaras is…

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