Laiya, Batangas would always be a top destination when scouting for the most accessible yet budget- friendly beach resorts near Metro Manila.  A prominent vacation site just a few hours away from the busy city, it promises the sight of  refreshing white sand, varied range of activities to explore, and the panoramic view of the sea. Late last year, my friends and I escaped our corporate zones and had the chance to wade through the waters of Sigayan Bay Beach Resort.

Although there are a number of resorts in Laiya contending against each other with amenities, rates and packages, we chose Sigayan Bay for its good reviews and affordable room rates. Some resorts in Laiya impose the mandatory buffet which costs 1500 person and since we were on a tight budget, we searched for a resort that is not too stringent with food packages.



Sigayan, as the name connotes “small shells”, has uniquely designed the theme of each room to different shell species. You’d see Halaan, Tambuli, Kabibe, Tulya, Talaba as some of the names of the rooms. Each room is also brightly painted with underwater-inspired decors to conform to its main theme.

When we arrived, a certain man from the reception area immediately placed our bags in his small cart and ushered us to our room after registration. That spoke about their strong guest relations, which was echoed through the reviews I’ve read. This was also shown when their guest relations officer promptly assisted me with my phone inquiries and room reservation. Their booking system is well-organized and systematic. The resort requires 50% down payment prior to the booking date.


Our assigned room was Maharlika, located at the second floor balcony area. The room is good for four, but we just managed to stay here to maximize our budget. Additional person will be charged 200 pesos per head. The room was clean, with perfectly functioning air-condition, TV set, and the most important of all – a neat comfort room with proper water system. The hot and cold showers are working too. The space isn’t too big to move around, but just enough to accommodate us and our stuff. Complete list of room prices may be found here.

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Sigayan has excellent housekeeping as seen in the cleanliness of the surroundings and rooms. You may request for extra pillows and blankets without extra charge.


Each room is also provided with an adjacent kitchen outside. The kitchen is completely furnished with basic cooking equipment and utensils, a refrigerator, and a 5-gallon water dispenser. We brought our own cooked food since we had no private car to load all the ingredients and utensils. Corkage fee however is 500 pesos. The use of the kitchen is ideal for those who are travelling in big groups.  Make sure you buy all the food supplies  before heading inside the resort because there are no nearby groceries or convenience stores, just a small sari-sari store. There is an in-house restaurant  but its availability depends on the number of guests.



Visiting during the off-peak season would always come as an advantage if you want to avoid the crowd. Sigayan has been a usual spot for team buildings so expect the swarm of people if you’re gonna visit in summer. Its neighboring resorts adds more crowds and the flock of boats slightly obstructs the shoreline view. In the morning it was low tide so it was a bit uneasy to swim and do other activities.


The sand is off-white or grayish but fine. The sea bed is not too rocky giving you a pleasant swimming experience. The water, however was not too clear and brownish in color. There are no fishes even at the deeper part of the sea.

The view of the sunset was spectacular in this beach.

Photo by Alex Abdullah
Photo by Alex Abdullah


The resort also offers activities such as kayak, snorkeling, jetski, banana boat and flying fish. Kayaking was a complete struggle, as you paddle through the low tide under the scorching heat of the sun.  You may check the complete list of the rates of activities here.



The resort also has a swimming pool. It would be better though if they remove the entrance fee of 100 pesos so the guests will enjoy it more.



For daytours, the resort also has gazebo cottages for its guests for a rate of 2000 pesos, with the seating capacity of 15 persons.




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Photo by Alex Abdullah

In Sigayan, is what you see is what you get. It doesn’t give false expectations to its guests through sugarcoating features online. All information is posted on the website and relatively true when you’d experience it.  Their efficient customer service complements its nice amenities. This is why I commend this resort for travelers like me who needed to unwind and detach from the real world from time to time.


Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
Brgy. Laiya-Aplaya , Batangas, San Juan, 4226 Batangas
Facebook: Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
Phone: (02)9013212 / 09209529517