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Food Trip at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Makati: A Quick Review

I’m sure you’ve heard about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Reading a review before heading to any of its branches may no longer be necessary. It’s a hit restaurant known for its Pinoy comfort food served ala gourmet style but at reasonable prices. If you are…

Garden Cheese Omelet Recipe

I call this the Garden Cheese Omelet because it has veggies and cheese in it. I’m not yet skilled in creating a perfect omelet so I let my brother assist me, since he used to work in the kitchen. It looks hard to try,…

Tapa King Introduces its First Ambassador: Baste Duterte

When it comes to all-day Filipino breakfast, Tapsilog will always be a top favorite. This dish is well-loved for its versatility as a comfort food that brings out the best from the combination of well-curated beef, fried egg and garlic fried rice. Pair it…

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