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Cobalabamba: The Newest Fil-Mex Cantina in Venice

Without a doubt, Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines. It’s festively colorful and rich in distinct flavors and spices. If it is one of the dining options, it would always be among my prominent choices. It’s been a long time since my…

Another Story: The Story of a Whimsical Restaurant in Alabang

I’ve always been vocal about my penchant for themed restaurants. The distinct effort to design the interiors aesthetically could speak so much about the ingenuity of the concept, aside from the owner’s passion for food. As for Another Story in Alabang, they were able…

Casual Chinese Dining at Wang Fu Serendra

My family is not adaptable to foreign cuisines so taking them out during family dinners is quite a challenge. Good thing, there is a Chinese restaurant in Serendra which was a safe option and a familiar cuisine to their conservative palate.  Wang Fu saved…

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