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Cobalabamba: The Newest Fil-Mex Cantina in Venice

Without a doubt, Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines. It’s festively colorful and rich in distinct flavors and spices. If it is one of the dining options, it would always be among my prominent choices. It’s been a long time since my…

Affordable Yet Winning Ramen at Ramen Kuroda McKinley Hill

The top-of-the-line, fine-tasting ramen we know would always come in hefty prices. After all, cost isn’t a big deal when it compensates our expectations for premiere quality and satisfactory taste.  When it has a cheap price tag, it’s likely missing out on set standards. But…

Shawarma Bros: Not Your Typical Shawarma, Bro

Following the much-hyped opening of Venice Grand Canal to the public, many likewise anticipate the opening of more restaurants at the Italian-themed mall. That includes me and my friends, who wanted to get more decent food other than pantry meals and fastfood. And since…

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