The top-of-the-line, fine-tasting ramen we know would always come in hefty prices. After all, cost isn’t a big deal when it compensates our expectations for premiere quality and satisfactory taste.  When it has a cheap price tag, it’s likely missing out on set standards. But the case is different in Ramen Kuroda – where the budget meets halfway with taste, and goodness isn’t compromised.


Ramen Kuroda entered the ramen craze here in Manila just last 2015, with already seven branches in tow. With the flourishing ramen stores here and there that have become a legend on its own, it’s quite a gamble to penetrate the market and compete against the giants with such a low introductory price. But Ramen Kuroda braved the tides and went off to showcase its own line of ramen specialties and other Japanese dishes, without hurting your budget too much.


At a random craving, my teammates and I  had the chance to experience the ramen revelry in one of its newly-opened branches in Venice Grand Canal Mall in Mckinley Hill. We had ramen, appetizers and set meals at very reasonable prices.

The Shiro Ramen presents a simple yet milky broth, not really oozing with rich flavors but good enough to satiate our tastebuds. It has one slice of tender pork, half Tamago egg and garnished with spring onions. It’s not the typical-melts-in-your-mouth-type-of-chashu, but still savory on its own. If you wish to upgrade it to three slices of chashu, then you may opt to choose the Shiro Chashumen for Php 230 only.

Shiro Ramen, Php 180/ Shiro Chashumen Php 230

The Aka Ramen, on the other hand, is the spicier version. Its spiciness is still tolerable and not overwhelming to the palate. What I like about Ramen Kuroda is that the price is inclusive of the Tamago egg already unlike in other restaurants where it is ordered separately. The noodles are firm just like in other famous ramen houses.

Aka Ramen, Php 180/ Aka Chashumen Php 230

Ramen Kuroda has set meals which further proves its budget-centric line of menu. It’s a combo of any ramen of your choice plus rice toppings and fruit desserts, for a very affordable price of Php 320. Here’s a sampler of Aka Ramen with Beef Gyudon.

Set Meal, Php 320

Their Teriyaki Pork Don is nothing more than exceptional, but it’s a good filler to the appetite. My friend would describe it as similar to adobo.

Teriyaki Pork Don 

The Kuro Ramen renders a stronger flavor in terms of garlic. The hints of garlic accentuated the milky broth, producing a tastier version of ramen. However, bear with the bold aftertaste of this ramen after eating.

Kuro Ramen, Php 180/ Kuro Chashumen Php 230

We also ordered Gyoza and Chicken Karagge as side dishes. The Gyoza was oily and not tightly stuffed with fillings. The Karagge was good and crunchy.

The place is rather small with minimalistic interiors, that even tends to get crowded during peak hours. However, the service was efficient and commendable. Our orders came quickly on the table, and the lady even insisted to cover the bowls first to retain its temperature while waiting for our other friends.

They have also made use of the area near the overlooking of Grand Canal to maximize the space and accommodate more diners. We preferred to be seated inside, for cooler dining space.




Surely, there are better-tasting ramen around but this one is a worthy discovery. The price is right for the taste and its affordability is one of the reasons you’d look forward to it. The ramen may not be exploding with flavors as you slurp it, but nevertheless it’s still a redemptive way to suit your ramen cravings.


Ramen Kuroda
2/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill、Upper McKinley Rd,Taguig City
Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday: 11:00 am to 11 PM
Open On Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays
Phone: (02)552-1170
Website: http://kuroda.ph/
Facebook: Ramen Kuroda