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Cobalabamba: The Newest Fil-Mex Cantina in Venice

Without a doubt, Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines. It’s festively colorful and rich in distinct flavors and spices. If it is one of the dining options, it would always be among my prominent choices. It’s been a long time since my…

Burritos, Nachos and More at Moe’s Southwest Grill: Not Bad but could be Better

I’ve been itching to try Moe’s Southwest Grill in Uptown Mall for the longest time. As a foodie who sees newly-opened restaurants as candy shops, and at the same time a fan of Tex Mex cuisine, Moe’s seemed apt for my cravings – both…

 Chicken, Ribs and Friends at Gringo BGC

Gringo would always appear in my FB newsfeed, with its mouthwatering food photos popping everywhere nonchalantly luring me to give it a try. And as a lover of Mexican food, how can I say no? The reviews are awesome, the place seems chic and cool,…

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