I’ve been itching to try Moe’s Southwest Grill in Uptown Mall for the longest time. As a foodie who sees newly-opened restaurants as candy shops, and at the same time a fan of Tex Mex cuisine, Moe’s seemed apt for my cravings – both for food and discovery. And as they’d say, there’s a perfect time for everything. Just this weekend, I had the chance to finally validate my notions and pose my verdict on this Southwestern food hub in Uptown. (Thanks to my food buddy! 😉 )

Moe’s over-all branding and image was too catchy and enticing. The palettes of color from the logo to the dining area had this convincing effect on me, personally. And with my passion for nachos, burritos and all spices – Moe’s was instantly on my checklist, albeit a bit delayed. Moreover, I’d like to see if Moe’s take on Mexican food is the same or better than those I have tried in the metropolis.


Tex Mex food is messy to eat, hence the challenge which I love. It’s the flair of spices that surprise me from time to time, either testing my endurance for chili, and simulating my fondness for garlic sauce. Without these two, my Mexican food fare is dead boring.

To be safe, we ordered two Combo meals, which is pretty much a sampler of Moe’s bestsellers : Burrito + Beef Taco, and Burrito + Nachos.

My combo is a duo of Jr. Chicken Burrito plus Nacho Chips plus Salsa and Cream (Php 265). I started off tasting the Nacho Chips and reserved getting my hands dirty later with my Burrito. Could it be the absence of beef toppings or garlic sauce that I find the chips too dry? I am used to a grand nacho party oozing with sauce and several toppings that I even forget it’s only an appetizer. This one, had a simpler, shy version. It was lightly doused in cheese sauce and few tomato bits. Even the salsa and sour cream didn’t help in boosting the taste. My only guess is that  the legit presentation of Nachos can be seen if you order it separately.


As for the Chicken Burritos,  it did not disappoint. It was generously stuffed with chicken meat, rice,  cheese and vegetables such as cilantro, grilled onions and bell pepper, cucumber and pico de gallo. No qualms about it, as it was flavorful, meaty and huge. It was only a Jr. Burrito sliced into halves, but the size is enough to fill up your belly.


The burrito had the right mix of spices and flavours. Always puzzled how to eat it, I unwrapped the foil and devoured it with my hands! If you’re reluctant, you can always go back to basics and have it eaten the refined way – with a knife and fork.


Here’s another sampler: Jr. Chicken Burrito with Beef Tacos. We found the nacho chips redundant since there’s Tacos already. The Beef Taco was conventional, like the acceptable taco with the usual fillers – meat, veggies and cheese. Again, the absence of garlic sauce or hot sauce heightened our frustration for the extra “oomph” in this meal. Maybe we should have asked for it, or maybe we could have tried out other entrees in the restaurant.


The brown dip was salsa verde, salty and spicy which lent flavor to the burrito and nachos.


My experience with Moe’s is not totally anticipation-turned-to-dismay as I have yet to try their other offerings. Exploring further its menu is on my waiting list, but for now I have to divert to other restaurants in Uptown. The restaurant’s global profile might have other promising traits which I have yet to prove myself.




Moe’s Southwest Grill
Fourth Floor, Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone number:02 2469069 ext:906
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday and SUnday : 11 am to 11 PM, Friday and Saturday 11 AM to 12 MN
Website: https://www.moes.com/
Facebook: Moe’s Philippines

Instagram: Moessouthwestgrill