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Healthy Food Options Made Affordable at Salad Bar Ph

When you are in the corporate world, achieving a healthy lifestyle seems nearly impossible. Unless you prepare your own meals, your food choices are limited to fast food, junk food and processed food. I am not exempted from that so I take time to…

Garden Cheese Omelet Recipe

I call this the Garden Cheese Omelet because it has veggies and cheese in it. I’m not yet skilled in creating a perfect omelet so I let my brother assist me, since he used to work in the kitchen. It looks hard to try,…

Shrimp, Chicken and Veggies in Olive Oil Recipe

Lately, I am trying to switch my lifestyle by changing my diet. With that, I am trying to find recipes that can substitute veggies for rice. My food stash consists of mostly vegetables, chicken, seafood, etc. With the available ingredients in my refrigerator, I tried…

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