Note: Photos courtesy of my adventurous friend, Joy Morales ūüôā

Summer is not all about beating the heat or finding a sweet escape. It’s not just about meeting new folks or seeing new places. For me, it’s taking yourself to a new level of experience you wouldn’t dare to forget. Such defines my latest summer escapade at Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa –¬†one that proves vacation could be as equally fun, proactive but enjoyable too.

I’m not really the adventure- seeker type of person but gradually I’d like to learn something new, conquer my fears and surpass my inhibitions. I keep daring myself in constant pursuit for learning and growth. So last month, my gang and I went to Laresio to defy heights, depths and overcome the risks unknown.


From afar, the resort looks like a huge playground with the blue sky and  the breathtaking view of the lake as the backdrop. The resort has converted the area into a venue for combined extreme water activities and a perfect site to bask in the beauty of nature.


We availed¬†the Camping Package (Php 1000) inclusive of the following: Slip and Dip, 13 and 32 ft. Cliff Diving, Vine Swing, Balsa Rafting, Kayak Ride, Blob (Jump and Fly), Water Seesaw, Water Ball and Laresio Camp Access. We pitched our own tents at a small vacant lot facing the lake. We were given extra tables and chairs to place our stuff. The only downside of camping is that the grounds aren’t that spacious and your things have the tendency to get wet when it rains. It’s quite stinky too because it’s near the lake, but nevertheless we still enjoyed the sunrise view the next day. ¬†We also had a hard time sleeping in our tents not only because of the humid weather or the water stench, but also of the loud music from the live band at night.





We woke up as early as 6 am to have breakfast (we brought our own packed meals) and get ready for the extreme activities. It’s good to start early while the lines are still short and slides aren’t that crowded yet.

We started off with the Vine Swing: you have to hold that small bars tied on a rope, swing from the ledge and release yourself into the air while you naturally fall into the lake.  Boy, I was too scared at first. The view of the lake makes it more intimidating. But my brave friends were too supportive and motivating that I eventually succeeded doing it. Despite moments of hesitation and fear, it was liberating after the first fall. What an achievement!





Next, the ever- dreadful 32 ft cliff diving. It really highlights the Laresio experience. Of course, I did not try it but some of my bold and courageous friends did. It’s not for the faint¬†of heart nor for the coward. It’s for the ultimately brave souls not bugged by the dominating fear of heights. ¬†We’ve seen buff guys already at the brink of falling but end up not jumping at all. We’ve seen big men holding the bars for too long prior to diving and even shouting “I am not gaaaaaaay”. ¬†It indeed challenges masculinity! ¬†According to one of my friends, what makes it more threatening is that the size of the people below seemed too small, and the cold wind that brushes your skin would make you shrink and ¬†feel that you’re really in an elevated place. ¬†Note that it is the only spot in Laresio that prohibits the wearing of life jackets.

But conquering ¬†it is an “achievement unlocked” as my friend would aptly say. No words would explain¬†that feeling of fulfillment. However, be prepared to get some muscle and ¬†butt pain and some body bruises after, due to the heavy impact of falling. As a measure of security, Laresio has assigned lifeguards with bouys in case you drown after. ¬†All activity areas of the lake are also secured with nets underneath in case of misplaced objects like GoPro, slippers, etc.




After the cliff-diving, we tried the Slip and Fly. The difference of this from the typical slides is that the curved end will make you suspended in the air for quite some time before submerging in the water.

The Blob (Jump and Fly) is a longer, higher version of the slide, but its structure is straight compared to the Slip and Fly. The enclosed lake area is smaller too this time.



Kayaking has made me appreciate more the beautiful view of the lake. Paddling that small boat on the serene lake will give you time to ponder, be struck in awe of God’s marvelous creation, or share intimate conversations with your kayak buddy. It’s advisable if you do this at late noon, because when we had it at 10 am, we had painful sun burns after. But the refreshing view was definitely worth it.


My favorite of all was the Balsa Ride. It was soothing and relaxing, after the adrenaline-rushing slides.  To swim in the lake or simply lie on the raft watching the awesome scenery is indeed relaxing. It was an ideal time to bond with friends too.





Laresio also has swimming pools for the public with film-showing amenities, videoke, Water Balls and other big inflatable toys. Adjacent to the pools are private villas¬†for overnight accommodations, if you don’t want to go camping.


However, the pool was not cold enough to relieve you from the hot weather. It needs constant cleaning too.


We had an amazing time inside this huge Water Ball.


The place is also provided with hammocks, gazebos and swings where you can just hang-out and chill.




The facilities are okay, but the management needs to place more efforts in maintaining the cleanliness of the place especially the restrooms and the surroundings.

If you’re the type of thrill-seeker and adventure junkie who’s always on the go, then resort is definitely what you’re looking for. But if you’re that traveler who wants a more laid-back, comfortable or luxurious setting, then Laresio may not be suited for you.

Surprisingly, after this experience, I didn’t feel any muscle pain in my left limb anymore as a result of my pelvic fracture from skateboard. I hope my next x-ray in June wouldn’t indicate inner injuries at all ūüôā¬†

Bring your water cameras and Go Pros to document your adventures.

To check their packages, visit this site.  For directions, check this out. Cut-off time for accommodating overnight packages is at 10 PM.


Entrance Fee (Overnight Camping) -Php 1000

Gas and Toll – Php 250 per head for 10 pax

Food- (home- cooked meals and snacks) -250 per head for 10 pax

Stopover Food- 300

Total: 1800

You may check their Facebook  or official website for more details.

Alviar Compound, Purok 1-B, Brgy. Tadlac,
Los Ba√Īos, Laguna 4030, Philippines

Reservation Specialist: +639175517934