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Nana’s Farm: A Tranquil Country House in Tagaytay

As a traveler, I noticed I’ve changed preferences. I wanted to deviate a little bit from the mainstream to pursue the road less traveled. I guess it comes with the maturity that it gets clear what you want, even if that does not conform…

10 Things You Can Do This Long Weekend

Nope, I am not part of the population rejoicing over the recently declared long weekend due to the ASEAN Summit. I got work to do during these days, sadly. However, I can at least suggest some activities you can do or places to visit…

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort: A Sweet Escape

Laiya, Batangas would always be a top destination when scouting for the most accessible yet budget- friendly beach resorts near Metro Manila.  A prominent vacation site just a few hours away from the busy city, it promises the sight of  refreshing white sand, varied range…

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