SM Aura is aptly tagged as one of the premiere malls in the metro, with its top-of-the-line stores, boutiques, restaurants and facilities. That being said, it makes one reluctant to dine at its restaurants with the limited range of choices that can suit your budget. But if you move around, you’d still find reasonably- priced  dining places  with good food and perky ambiance.  That’s when we found Love Shack at the lower ground floor of SM Aura.


I’ve been hearing a lot about Love Shack in blogs for places to look forward in SM Aura. I thought the restaurant is mostly about burgers and ribs, but the large menu outside gave us an idea what to binge on aside from that.


Maybe the name “Love Shack” was lifted from an old groovy song in the 80s. But from the word itself, I agree that there are many details to be loved about Love Shack.

Love Shack is basically a tiny restaurant but its mirrors create an illusion of space and width. The high chairs and tables were strategically placed at the center to maximize space, resembling a contemporary island kitchen.  The little trinkets and decors added sophisticated touch to the minimalist interiors of Love Shack. I also liked the contrasting warm colors of the chairs, the fresh flowers on the table and the tall white mug that served as utensils holder. These are the small details I loved about Love Shack. Simple yet not underrated. And I felt like eating at a close friend’s home – that certain feeling of familiarity and being at ease.


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Rumors are heard about Love Shack featuring high quality burgers. We can attest to this when my friend ordered Pulled Chicken Sandwich with wedge potato fries. The buns were soft and firm, the chicken had this savory taste with a hint of sweetness – similar to Chicken AsadoIt’s served on a wooden board with two complimentary sauces, catsup and mustard.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I find the knife poked at the middle of the burger quite distracting. But otherwise, the burger was good. Their burgers are lightly infused with shitake mushrooms and garlic seasonings that produce the distinct flavor in the meat.

Chicken Sandwich with Potato Wedges, Php 155

The Pesto Pasta was quite bland and dry. Perhaps we were looking for a creamier texture or added sauce to please our taste buds. Good thing it’s only priced at Php 150.

Pesto, Php 150

The Fish and Chips are breaded fish fillets with catsup, chili aioli and lemon and served with potato fries on the side. For added kick, the chili aioli  does the trick.  The fish nuggets are crisp and soft inside but its taste can be improved more.

Fish and Chips, Php 285

It was quite overpriced for five fish nuggets, but it’s already as good as a filler to the belly.


The creamy texture of the Pumpkin Soup indicates the freshness of the pumpkin juice. It also has the subtle notes of ginger and cinnamon but not that overpowering. Dip the bread unto the soup and it’s a perfect starter for the main course. Some prefer it bland and pure, some prefer it a bit salty. To adjust the taste according to your preference, the salt and pepper are just within your reach. For me, I like it the way it is.

Pumpkin Soup, Php 130

The Arroz con Pollo is a combination of  Paella Rice and Roasted Quarter Leg Chicken. The succulent chicken quarter was infused with herbs and spices that went well with the rice. This platter holds the promise of a hefty rice serving with abundant ingredients that suit well to your  liking, although I was looking for seafood in it. Better squeezed with lemon to balance that rich umami taste.


My friend ordered the Truffle Chicken served with a cup of rice and three kinds of sauces: truffle gravy, ketchup and mayo. This has the same roasted chicken above but this time with truffle mushroom gravy. The truffle gravy was just right and not overbearing.


Loveshack is not merely a burger joint as there is a wide variety of offerings to try. In my opinion though, their forte is undeniably in their burgers. I still have to taste their popularly- talked-about ribs to validate this verdict.

With value for money, pleasing interiors and selective delicious items, Love Shack could be one of your options when eating at SM Aura.


Love Shack
Lower Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Contact no: +6328565941
You may check their Instagram and Facebook for more details.
Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 PM  M-S