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The Good Thing about Bad Bird Serendra

I have this impression that the food in Bad Bird is way too expensive for my average budget. There is always a long line at Hole in the Wall but I never joined the hype. For me, a chicken platter seems too common to…

Another Story: The Story of a Whimsical Restaurant in Alabang

I’ve always been vocal about my penchant for themed restaurants. The distinct effort to design the interiors aesthetically could speak so much about the ingenuity of the concept, aside from the owner’s passion for food. As for Another Story in Alabang, they were able…

Forest House Bistro and Cafe: A Dreamy Restaurant in Baguio City

I have always admired unique restaurant concepts. To be immersed in a different theme while dining creates worthy milestones and memories. While my satisfaction for the food remains a primary consideration, I likewise include ambiance and details as distinguishing factors too for a worthwhile…

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