We alighted the plane in Tacloban light-headed and sluggish. Battling against lack of sleep and exhaustion from office hours, we dragged our luggage and waited for our friend who was about to fetch us from the airport. The grey skies and  heavy downpour of rain welcomed us. The gloomy weather that day made me wonder if it will deter us from enjoying our escapades. But heading to Oriental Leyte Hotel was the deal breaker and lifted up our almost-dampened spirits with its alluring facade and warm service.

We were totally clueless of this hotel stay. It was a gracious gesture from my friend’s churchmate, whose daughter celebrated her debut at the luxurious resort. And since our friends were part of the programme as hosts and photographers, we were given the special privilege to stay at the hotel while waiting for the event to finish. What a great blessing to cherish indeed.


As soon as we stepped out from the vehicle, men clad in oriental outfits and  hats volunteered to carry our baggage and assisted us all the way through our room. The rain hasn’t stopped that time and they gently offered us their umbrellas until we reach the room. And no, they aren’t poised to ask for tips from guests. It’s a willing gesture for all.


The Balinese theme of the hotel exuded a charm like no other;  the intricate details of the furniture from the blending of colors to texture were aesthetically balanced to make a creative output of an impeccable luxurious hotel setting.

Fragile, delicate rows of pottery placed as a wall decor caught my attention, as well as the pastel colored pillows and orchids that harmoniously collaborated with each other as a pleasant attraction.




The infinity pool was likewise enticing for an afternoon swim and relaxation. However we missed swimming due to hectic activities that day. Too bad!!



At night, this side of the pool has fire dancing to entertain the guests. A live band also serenades you in the evening, near the restaurant.


The hotel is also facing the famous Red Beach, where General McArthur landed. Way back 2013, it was not spared from the wrath of the mighty typhoon Yolanda.

Photo credit to: https://lightingdarkerpaths.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/snapshots/
Photo credit to: https://lightingdarkerpaths.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/snapshots/


The hotel was then rebuilt but I am not sure the damage control measures they have implemented. It is still facing the sea and can be ruined again anytime by a storm surge.

Here is a  a glimpse of our room: It’s elegant, spacious, and comfortable. The facilities and furnishings are classy.




Given the chance to go back to Tacloban, I’d stay in this hotel again to relive the bliss. Our short stay at the hotel even caused us separation anxiety in this pretty gem of Leyte. Thanks again to the family of Lina Dae for having us!







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