If you’ll notice, I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I would write one post, but the gap until the next one is a bit long. I don’t want to claim that I am losing inspiration to write, but probably I just get caught up with a series of emotions or happenings that I don’t want to pressure myself beating the deadlines, keeping track of a regular blogging schedule, etc, etc, etc. In other words, I don’t want to watch my pace. I want the words to flow freely just like the river.

Purging the Events, not Closing the  Connections

I’ve also lie-lowed joining events. If you’d observe, my blog posts lately are more of personal food and travel experiences with family and friends. There were media invitations that I had to decline or cancel at the last minute — when I had to think of several factors. Events are good, definitely. It expands your circle and network, and gives you higher exposure in the blogging industry. It opens doors and opportunities. However, you’d have to think twice if the events will compromise safety, convenience, compatibility to your niche, etc. It’s also too competitive that I consider it a dog eat dog world. Despite that, I cannot deny that the events have helped me tremendously boost my blogging career. I guess I’ve just grown to be more discerning. I’ll be back soon! Putting these events at the backseat, however also had some advantages. I was able to focus on other priorities and had more time exploring my other passions.

Driven to Create Your Own Content

What I also like about deviating from sponsored posts is that you can be yourself — you’re not overshadowed by any material compensation making your insights uncontrolled. Although, even if my posts are sponsored, I always make it sure that my voice is still heard. I relate it to my own experience, thus still highlighting originality and genuineness.

Stick to Your Brand

A lot of times, I’ve wondered if I should change my niche, shift into another medium of creating content, follow a certain format of posting, change my domain — all to get a stronghold base of followers because that is “uso” or in the trend these days. I know, we always should consider innovation — but if you’re not comfy with it, then don’t go with the flow. Keep your brand unique even in ways that won’t conform to the majority. After all, I still believe that people will see the quality of your content. People will still appreciate if your true personality will reflect in your content and not that trying hard to be someone else you are not.

When You’re Losing Grip, Go Back to Your Biggest Purpose

Inevitably, you’d lose sight of the bigger picture and be demotivated when results aren’t coming the way you want them too. I’ve felt that a lot of times, even until now. When I feel low and tend to compare myself to the success of others, (which should not be the case) — I try to look back and go to my biggest reason why I am doing this. It is clear that it is my passion, and it is God’s gift to me. I still want to celebrate life by sharing to my readers my unique experiences whether about food, travel, or life in general.

I guess I’m just caught up with this unwanted cycle of juggling things and trying to find sense in between them, that my rhythm in writing is somehow affected. Perhaps, I’ve also realized that adulting is hard and at times I want to live a simple, low-key life that won’t try so hard to impress others. I want my life one day at a time. Life in the city and at work is too fast, that I want to take it slow in other aspects of my life.

Still, praying that everything will work out for the best. I hope you’d still continue to support me despite the blogging hiatus. I look forward to featuring more of my adventures, so still stay tuned!