As a traveler, I noticed I’ve changed preferences. I wanted to deviate a little bit from the mainstream to pursue the road less traveled. I guess it comes with the maturity that it gets clear what you want, even if that does not conform to what is popular. Ironically, it is simple but not always easy. As I grow, I’ve realized that amid the busy, chaotic lifestyle, serenity is truly non-negotiable for me. When you’re held up with routines and responsibilities, all you needed is a break and a place to savor silence on your own.


I may not have a concrete, specific checklist to meet my requirements, but by merely looking at the amenities of this place in Tagaytay, I thought, “this is exactly what I am looking for”. Nana’s Farm exhibits this discreet yet stunning charm that persuaded me to pack my bags and book it for my unforgettable vacation. Although this time, it’s far from the beach or the mountain, the idea of a provincial lifestyle captured my heart without questions.

About Nana’s Farm

Nana’s Farm is a lovely country guesthouse conveniently located in Amadeo, Cavite, just outside Tagaytay City. Enjoy your private suite at the second floor and rest comfortably in the simple yet stylish abode tucked among many fruit trees. The access to the private balcony is relaxing: you can either watch the sunrise and sunset, hear the birds chirp in the morning, or appreciate the view of greenery surrounding the house.

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There are many areas of the house where you can quietly read a book while sipping your coffee. Be entertained with Netflix or enjoy a rejuvenating warm bath in your own bathtub. These are the simple things that made me happy. There is this unexplained contentment staying here for a short time.


The Amenities

Nana’s Farm integrates provincial lifestyle with modern facilities. Guests can have the following:

  • Large-screen smart TV with cable and Netflix access
  • WiFi connection
  • Queen-sized bed with study table
  • A kitchenette with a small fridge, a microwave, oven toaster, and electric kettle
  • A stove setup (with some locally-grown coffee beans) to grind and brew your own fresh coffee
  • A veranda looking out at the grounds below
  • A living area
  • A small dining table
  • Your own toilet and bath with hot water and a bathtub
The wooden staircase
Sungka and lovely vases
Small kitchenette with microwave, electric kettle, water dispenser, and mini ref
The stylish vintage electric kettle
Your queen-sized bed with side table and lamp
Coffee maker
Fresh towels for only for you
My bathtub


Pretty vases at the veranda
Movie lounge


The 55″ Smart LED TV at the living area

The veranda
Your Netflix access
Kitchen utensils
Small dining corner

House Rules

As expected, care for the house as your own. You may call the staff at the ground floor if you need assistance. Complimentary breakfast (bread, spread and coffee) will be served in the morning at the small hallway of the first floor. Leave your footwear at the first floor before entering your private suite.





Different Angles at Nana’s Farm

I did enjoy taking photos surrounding Nana’s Farm. I appreciated nature more. I wasn’t able to go out at night because it was raining hard. The house looks even more gorgeous at night, I heard.

Mini porch
Stairs leading to your private suite
Huge glass windows
Cobbled pathways
The House
Fruit trees abound the area
The path strewn with bamboo trees

What I love about Nana’s Farm

Nana’s farm is all about peace and relaxation. For a brief moment, I detached myself from the demanding city life and basked in the beauty of nature. I never thought that unsaturated places in Tagaytay like this still exists. Except for the minor water problem at night, everything was smooth and well-arranged.

I definitely recommend this place to those who are looking for venues away from the bustling metropolis to seek a well-deserved getaway.

How to Get There

Type Nana’s Farm Ph via Waze App

Nana’s Farm Tagaytay
#25 Brgy. Loma, Crisanto de los Reyes Avenue (Tagaytay-Amadeo Road),
Amadeo, Cavite 4119
Contact: +63 999 888.6363/ +63 46 483.1483
Facebook: Nana’s Farm Tagaytay
Instagram: nanasfarmtagaytay