Ramen is one of the all-time favorite comfort food in the local food scene. This famous Japanese dish has conquered the palates of Filipinos that it has diversified into different versions in several Ramen restaurants. The best components are there — tender chashu, soft tamago, spring-like noodles and savory broth, that many are willing to line up and spend bucks to get that authentic, legit Ramen.


The dilemma is, not everyone is up for the game of overspending for a single bowl of Ramen. I, myself, would only eat it during payday, special occasions or whenever I have the budget. Entrepreneurs have seen this as an opportunity to introduce Street Ramen, or the affordable Ramen we often see in small kiosks or food booths. For a minimal price, you get to enjoy Ramen without the frills. Of course, the taste and quality cannot be equalled to those in big Ramen houses — but your cravings can be satisfied without breaking the bank.

This is the main concept of Tomochan Ramen Express, an affordable Ramen kiosk steadily gaining reputation for its taste and quality. We got invited to one of its branches in LKG Tower in Ayala, Makati.


Tomochan was derived from the words Tomodachi or the Japanese term for friend and Chan, a term of endearment for little children or close friends. It was founded by Akiko Okamoto, a Japanese entrepreneur from Osaka. She envisions Tomochan to be the leading provider of affordable ramen in the Philippines and hopefully, in other parts of the globe. It had its first branch in Angeles City, Pampanga in July 2017. In just less than two years, the business expanded to 5 branches. More branches will soon be opened.





Tomochan’s menu is basically centered on Ramen. It has two main versions, Shoyu and Miso. Shoyu is soy-based savory version, while Miso is the lighter version with the Miso based-broth. Ramen starts at Php 99 only.

The ingredients are already pre-packed to proportions and ready for reheating, hence the waiting time is not too long. Serving time is 10 to 15 minutes only. Tomochan wants to maximize space and save time, that all ingredients are delivered from the central kitchen by batches. The ingredients are sourced locally which explains its affordability. The recipe looks well-curated that it tastes close enough to the authentic.

Valuing the Filipino tradition of pasalubong, Tomochan allows takeaways. They just separate the broth from the noodles to retain the consistency of the Ramen.


You can select from different variants:

Shoyu Basic (Php 99)– Half egg, 2 slices of pork and leek
Shoyu Vegee (Php 109)– Half egg, 2 slices of pork, leek and veggie
Spicy Shoyu Tantan (Php 129)– Half egg, Spicy ground pork, leek and veggie
Shoyu Special (Php 149)– Whole egg, 4 slices of pork, leek, veggie and seaweed

Miso Basic (Php 129)– Half egg, 2 slices of pork and leek
Miso Veggie (Php 139)- Half egg, 2 slices of pork, leek and veggie
Spicy Miso Tantan (Php 159)- Half egg, spicy pork, leek and veggie
Miso Special (Php 169)– Whole egg, 4 slices of pork, leek, veggie and seaweed

Shoyu Special, Php 149
Shoyu Basic, Php 99
Spicy Miso Tantan, Php 159


Rice Meals

Since we Pinoys love rice, Tomochan decided to include rice meals in its menu. Right now, it has Chicken Karaage, Katsu and Gyoza rice meal at Php 79 each. You can also order it for ala carte for Php 69 each. The latest addition to Tomochan’s rice meals is the Katsudon (Php 99)

Katsu Rice Meal, Php 79
Chicken Karaage, Php 79
Gyoza Rice Meal, Php 79
Katsudon, Php 99


Set Meals

Well, good to news to those wanted to try both Ramen and rice meals as they also offer set meals for the combination of these two!

Set Meal A – Half Ramen + Rice meal (Php 159, Shoyu/ Php 179 Miso)
Set Meal B– Whole Rramen + Rice meal (add Php 69 on ramen)

Tomochan’s Ramen and Rice Meals at very affordable prices


I had Spicy Miso Tantan and Katsudon. The broth tastes nice and I liked that the noodles are chewy and firm. Some Ramen kiosks only serve the instant type of noodles, so Tomochan is quite an exception. I also liked the Tamago egg. It was not the melt-in-your mouth, and soft type of Tamago but it’s well-salted. Other Ramen joints only serve the hard-boiled egg to save up the cost. The pork is nice, but not that super fork-tender type of chashu you’d usually look for in a Ramen. I also suggest to include other ingredients like the Narutomaki (pink dumpling) or more vegetables. Then again, I’d say the taste is just right for the price. The sauce of the Katsudon is nice, but I’d prefer it with egg. If you’re craving for a quick Ramen break but can’t afford to dine in those luxury restaurants, then heading to Tomochan could be the best idea.




Envisioning itself to start a growing Ramen empire, Tomochan is open for franchising. The franchise fee of Php 160,000 is inclusive of the following:

*Rights to use Tomochan’s unique name, trademarks, and systems
*Site selection evaluation and approval
*Tomochan’s exclusive classroom and hands-on trainings
*Pre-opening and opening assistance
*Confidential Tomochan’s Operations Manual
*Consistent support, business consulting and field visits
*Marketing and promotions support
*Rights to use Tomochan’s proprietary products and services
*Access to accredited and exclusive suppliers of Tomochan

For inquiries, you may reach the following contact numbers:


Other Branches:

✱ LKG Tower, Makati City
✱ Fairview Terraces
✱ Solenad Mall, Sta Rosa Laguna
✱ New Point Mall, Angeles City
✱ Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Tomochan Ramen Express
Food Odyssey, 11th Floor, LKG Tower, Ayala Ave.Makati City.
Contact numbers: 09156509906/ 09177092565
Email: franchisetomochan@gmail.com
Facebook: Tomochan Ramen Express
Instagram: tomochanph
Website: https://tomochan.com.ph