Convenient and Accessible Airbnb in Ximending, Taipei

Choosing the accommodation was the initial step in planning our travel to Taiwan. Before we went to the nitty-gritty details of our itinerary, we first looked for a place to stay in Taipei. We based it from our main point of reference, Ximending — a hip, lively place for where retail, shopping, night markets, and food trips are the main attractions for tourists.

We considered the accessibility of the accommodation to the MRT. We also browsed the basic amenities specifically the bathroom, and the space that can fit a group of three. We found an Airbnb listing that does not only meet our budget, it also suffices our preferences for the main amenities.

The Host and Location

Airbnb listing link:

The Airbnb is hosted by Ta, who’s been very responsive with our inquiries. All our questions were answered clearly and promptly, that our connection with him convinced us to book it right away.

Photo from Airbnb

This Airbnb unit is located in Wanhua District, Taipei, tucked in the bustling streets of Ximending. The narrow street is adjacent to the main roads of Ximending but it is more quiet and surrounded by residential houses, a salon, and a few restaurants. The facade looks like a small building and we stayed on the rooftop.

Building facade

Most buildings in Taipei have an exclusive access/ pass for security. It’s either you have to enter a code or tap your access card.

Automated door pass

Check-in and Check out Time

Check-in time is 3 PM while check -out time is 11 am. As our time of arrival in Taipei was too early, we waited a bit and talked with the host if we can check-in earlier than the usual. Good thing, he allowed us to come early as soon as the place was cleaned. Our flight going back to Manila was at the wee hours of the morning but since the check-out time is at 11 am, our host was kind to allow us to leave our baggage at the reception area while we roamed in Ximending.

The Space and Amenities

Before reaching the unit, you will be given the key with an access card for the main door and elevator. Our unit can be reached after boarding the elevator and climbing the stairs (just short steps). The place has many windows where you can appreciate the view of the buildings either during the daylight or night.

View of Ximending

The apartment is very tidy. The tiled floor is shiny that you can always walk around barefoot. For the sleeping arrangements, Kit and I slept on the double bed while Daniel slept on the convertible sofa bed in the living room. The bed is soft and I loved the Duvet cover — it made me sleep comfortably despite the cold weather.

Sorry for my tired face 😀 Just arrived from the airport
Duvet cover!
Unpacking our stuff

The bathroom and toilet are confined in a tiny space, provided with an adjustable hand-held shower. For environment concerns, basic toiletries are not provided so we brought our own shampoo, soap, conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Towels are provided for the guests. What made me a bit iffy was the frosted glass door. If you are too conscious about privacy then think twice about this place.

Small bathroom with toilet

The small nook where we can eat or prepare our food and drinks is also one of our favorite places to hang-out in the apartment. There’s a small ref with drinking mugs placed on the wooden table. The view of the city background is always relaxing.

Common Spaces

The ground floor is a space where guests can lounge and relax. There’s a common area where you can either work with your laptop or read a book or write.

Reception area
Freedom wall

On the wall is a freedom board that guests can write their comments, greetings or shout-outs.

Working space for guests

Good thing, there is also a water refill station located near the elevator. Daily, we refilled our water supply here before heading out for our trips. Just provide your own bottle or tumbler.

The reception area is where the CCTV cameras are being monitored from the different areas of the building for security purposes.

Suggestions for Improvement

We really love the place. It’s very convenient, strategically located in the heart of Ximending, and accessible to many tourist destinations. We also appreciate the cleanliness of the place. The host was friendly and accommodating too.

However, what I found lacking are the following: separate sink for washing the dishes, hanging areas for clothes, additional chairs, and basic kitchen utensils.

Every time we had to wash our wands or clean the food or wash the cups, we had to go to the bathroom which is quite unhygienic. Basic kitchen tools and equipment such as microwave, dining plates and utensils are also necessary specially if you want to eat your own food inside the apartment. I also mentioned that I was a bit uncomfy with the frosted glass door of the bathroom. No privacy at all.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stayed in this Airbnb.

15 Comments Add yours

  1. The space looks super cozy. Wit its location to Ximending, you have an easy access to their night market. Seeing this post, makes me miss Taiwan already. I was there some months ago and had a wonderful stay. I can tell you had a lovely time too. ❤


  2. KathGraceDM says:

    There really are a lot of great finds sa Airbnb, nakakatuwa! ❤️ Kailangan lang talaga, matyaga maghanap. 😁


  3. Bunting says:

    I love the designs! Looks a very cozy place to stay! will def check this out when we go to Taipe. thanks for the tips!


  4. I am really curious when I read about AirBnb experiences on the blog. I like the idea but haven’t tried doing it myself yet. Perhaps I need to give it a shot if we will be having our staycation soon!


  5. jayresa03 says:

    I am really curious when I read about AirBnb experiences on the blog. I like the idea but haven’t tried doing it myself yet. Perhaps I need to give it a shot if we will be having our staycation soon!


  6. karlaniiinz says:

    Nakaka-conscious talaga yung mga glass door na ganyan. Kahit ako eh. Haaay. But the room looks nice naman and the bnb looks cute. Buti na lang strategical yung location.


  7. Shescapade says:

    I want to visit Taiwan already. Will consider this when we go to Taiwan. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Blair villanueva says:

    This unit looks nice. I will save this for my future Taipei try, and fingers-crossed wishing that Taiwan extends or make it permanent to waived travel visa for us!


  9. Cyrille says:

    Planning to visit Taiwan on the last quarter of 2019, so this post was very helpful! Thanks for an informative review 😀


  10. Wendyflor says:

    I understand about the frosted glass door especially if you are just sharing with friends:-)… i haven’t tried airbnb but i like hearing feedback about them.


  11. Nadj says:

    I love the small nook area! Seldom will you find a place where there’s an overlooking view inside your room. Another thing I like is the freedom board.


  12. This is very timely! I will have an Indochina trip this year and I’m looking for affordable accommodations. I’ll consider this. Thanks for the review!


  13. Super cozy! I always look forward to visit Taipei and do a Meteor Garden throwback, 90’s baby surely will do the same. how I miss Sancai! Haha!


  14. Gel Jose says:

    I’m loving the view from your nook! I can already imagine myself enjoying a cup of coffee there. Thank heavens for AirBnB, right?


  15. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    I’m a little uneasy about using AirBnB when we go abroad as a family. I have this thing about paying more for convenience. But this looks good. Perhaps I’ll listen to the husband and consider AirBnB when we travel as a family next year.


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