With the influx of Samgyupsal restaurants in Manila, food entrepreneurs have surely developed several ways to make their creations differ and stand out among the rest. There’s this aggressive competition of featuring more side dishes, betting at the lowest buffet prices, or even adding more elements to the menu to be at par with the most in- demand in the market. Although one may find a constant favorite, it’s not surprising to be lured by a new concept and instantly be converted into newbie fan.

While most Samgyupsal stations tend to focus on increasing the number of selections of sides and flavors of marinated meat, Four in Love has a different take. It gives customers the options to customize their buffet sets at different prices, alongside ready-to-eat Asian dishes for easy consumption. This new concept integrates the fusion of four cuisines with premium meat and seafood options for grilling.

Here are the other reasons why you can fall in love with Four in Love Hotpot and Buffet.

1. You can choose from three buffet sets.

Four in Love has three sets to choose from: Harmony (Php 399), Wealth (Php 599), and Abundance (Php 799).

The Harmony Set includes three basic marinated pork with self-service six hot dishes, gold dishes and sushi, and fresh fruits and desserts. Among the three, this has the most limited number of meat choices for grilling. It does not have the unlimited Mozzarella cheese.

The Wealth Set has more flavored pork and beef selections with seafood and Spicy Korean noodles. It is not available in the common buffet area, but can only be ordered from the staff. For me, this is a fair choice in terms of number of servings and price.

The Abundance Set is the most expensive one at Php 799. The difference of this among the three is that it has the Beef Short Plate and Beef Short Ribs in the choices.

2. It is the fusion of four cuisines in one restaurant.

While we are used to enjoying Korean cuisine in most Samgyupsal restaurants, Four in Love features Chinese, Korean, and Thai all together in one dining concept. There are Chinese hot dishes such as fried rice and Soy Chicken, Japanese sushi and Chicken Katsu, Korean BBQ and Thai Mookata or the golden grill. The ready-to-eat dishes are perfect to satiate your hunger while waiting for the Korean BBQ. Admit it, not everyone has the patience for cooking.

Among these, I liked the fried rice and Chicken Katsu. The rice is flavorful while the Chicken Katsu is very tender.

They also have salads and desserts.

3. You may choose from an array of condiments and sauces.

So far, this restaurant has the most number of sauces and condiments that you can mix and match with your grilled meat and hotpot. Talk about additional spices and garnishes? They have it all! As always, I would go for the basic soy + sesame oil for my meat marinades. If you have the adventurous palate, you can explore the spicy flavors.

4.Yes, seafood is included in the list.

There are only a few Korean BBQ restaurants that serve seafood and that includes All4U. As a seafood lover, it is a huge plus to have these choices on the menu. They have shrimps, scallops, squid, tuna and salmon belly and mussels. I find the shrimp sizes too small though.

5.The price of the hotpot is reasonable enough.

Other restaurants would charge the hotpot inclusion per head — but in Four in Love, it is per table. Considering the ingredients and broth options in Four in Love, the price is not bad.

6.The meat selections are of good quality.

So far, I have no complains with the quality and quantity of the marinated meat. They are served fresh and marinated evenly.

7.It caters to different taste preferences.

With the number of options available for both Korean BBQ, hot dishes, sides, desserts, hotpot, and condiments, the choices are flexible for everyone. Whether it is a family dinner out, bonding with your friends, or a date with your special someone — dining at Four in Love can suit your preferences for Asian cuisines.

Comments and Suggestions

I hope they can add juices to their unlimited drinks. As of this writing, only soft drinks are available. I also hope they can replace the Iceberg lettuce with Romaine lettuce as it is more appropriate for Korean BBQ.

Other Practical Information

  1. Dining is good for two hours only.
  2. One grill is good for four people only.

Looking forward to my next visit

I personally find the Four in Love concept a bit different from the other Korean BBQ restaurants I’ve been too. Aside from wide range of choices, the availability of ready-to-eat dishes is a good point specially for kids and elders. Just don’t expect too much. I also suggest to avail the Wealth Set because almost everything is there at a reasonable price of Php 599. I am looking forward to visit its soon-to-open branch in Robinsons Galleria. It has the seating capacity of 250 people, with more classy ambiance, and upgraded seafood choices.

Thanks Four in Love for having us!

Four in Love BBQ Hotpot Buffet
Lower Ground Floor, SM City Manila, Ermita, Manila
Phone Number: 02 2923095
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 9 PM
Facebook: Fourinloveph
Instagram: fourinloveph