I love flavored rice. Unlike others who would stick to the plain version of white rice, I’m fond of trying out different types of rice dishes from other cuisines. For me, it gives extra flavor to any meal that makes eating more enjoyable. Late last year, I just learned a new rice delicacy that has been famous already in Korea but is not yet known here in the Philippines. This unique creation made me curious how it is being made and if the taste will be well-accepted among Filipino diners.

About Yubu Rice and YubuNam

Inari (Yubu) is a Japanese term which means “the device protector of rice cultivation”. It has been a staple food in the Japanese culture since the 16th century. Inari rice is made of Japanese rice with Japanese vinegar mixed with sesame oil and wrapped with fried sweet soy tofu.

Six flavors of Yubu Rice

Yubu rice is primarily made of sushi rice which is wrapped inside a seasoned deep-fried tofu pocket which holds the rice together. YubuNam offers different variations of flavors such as Tuna Mayo, Crab Stick, Kimchi Bacon, Bulgogi, and Buldak Yubu rice.

YubuNam, the classic flavor

YuBuNam is a very famous restaurant in Korea with 10 branches already and it finally launched in the Philippines late last year. YuBuNam is the first restaurant here in the country serving the traditional jumbo Inari Rice of Korea and different types of Udon.

The Ambiance

YubuNam is located near the Grand Canal of Venice Mall in McKinley Hill. The restaurant’s space is small which can fit a few couples and/ or small group of diners. Although the space is not as huge as the other restaurants, here you’ll find cute Japanese dolls as decorative ornaments on the tables. Dining here is okay if you want to avoid the other crowded restaurants of Venice Grand Canal Mall.

You can also sit on the chairs near the counter if you are dining solo, or if you just want to watch how the servers prepare the Yubu Rice.

The servers are also nice and accommodating. They are willing to answer your questions about the menu or even suggest the best-sellers of their restaurant.

Other Offerings at YubuNam

YubuNam does not only serve Yubu rice. They also have Udon, Korean Ramen, and rice bowls on their menu which are also equally delectable. The prices are also affordable for the serving size. These are the items you may want to check out to pair with your Yubu Rice.

The Korean Ramen is the newest item on their menu, which is not yet included in Zomato. You may just ask the servers if this is available.

Spicy Ramen

On the other hand, if you love to eat pasta, you may want to try their Gambas Udon (Php 230) and Carbonara Udon (Php 230). I just find the Gambas Udon too oily. The Carbo Udon is creamy with hints of bacon and shredded Parmesan cheese.

Gambas Udon, Php 230
Carbo Udon, Php 230
Buldak Udon, Php 230

Perfect for Take-out

YubuNam has family boxes which you can give out to your family or friends as “pasalubong”. Each box has the six flavors that you can enjoy.

What I like about YubuNam

At first, I thought I won’t enjoy it since this concept is something new to me. But every bite is so addicting! One Yubu rice is so filling that you may consider it not just a quick snack, but a filling meal. My favorites would be Tuna Mayo and Kimchi Bacon.

Tuna Mayo
Kimchi Bacon

Also, even if they have a few items on their menu, the selections are generally good to begin with. You’d easily fall in love either with the Yubu rice, Udon or Noodles. My team even spent our holiday party and gift-giving here last December and they enjoyed the food!

YubuNam is not as expensive or as jam-packed like the other restaurants around Venice. If you want to try something new and enjoy a low-key dinner, then YubuNam might suit your taste.

Thanks to YubuNam and Saan sa Ph family for having us!

Photo from Carlo Tecson

Ground Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Phone: +63 9457248495
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11 AM to 11 PM, Sat-Sun: 10 AM to 11 PM
Facebook: YubuNam.Phil
Instagram: YubuNam.Phil