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All4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu Shabu in Venice Grand Canal Mall McKinley Hill

Samgyupsal, undeniably, is among the hottest food trends today. We all love the idea of unlimited Korean food, shabu shabu, and grilled meat combined in one dining experience.  However, the popularity of this food craze is often tied with one dilemma: enduring the long lines. …

All4U Unlimited Grill and Organic Shabu Shabu

Annyeong-Haseyo! There is something too enticing about Korean food that made me visit three restaurants in just two months. I’ve visited Nice 2 Meat U, Jumong, and just recently – All4U Unlimited Grill and Organic Shabu Shabu in Century Mall, Makati.  It could be the…

Nice Two Meat U: Riding the Korean Bandwagon (Not!)

Kdrama has taken over the trend today, influencing music, gestures, language and even food. Thanks to the Kdrama hype, a lot of Korean restaurants today have boosted their influx of customers wanting to immerse on the culture of their idols. Seeing a lot of…

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