Coffee time is the best excuse to hang out longer with friends. After dining out, it becomes an instant extended bonding session and quality time with people you haven’t seen for a long time. Although I am always on the lookout for cheap cafés with laid-back ambiance, it’s good to experience high-end ones from time to time. After all, I’m just after a quiet spot where my friends and I could talk for longer hours compared to dining in a restaurant.

A recent discovery leveled up my expectations for a hotel café. Surprisingly, it was not as intimidating as I thought it to be. Every experience is unforgettable and my guests are always astonished on their first time. I would like to share the Reasons why I love High Street Lounge in Shangri-La Hotel The Fort after three visits this holiday season.


Who would not be wowed with Shang’s very classy ambiance? An intricately-designed grand chandelier greets you at the main lobby. Festive and colorful Christmas decors are incomparable with those at the malls. The grand piano is a main attraction at the center of the carpeted floor. The elegant lounge is filled with plush chairs; you just need to choose your perfect spot. The high ceilings are accented with opulent crystal chandeliers. Match it with classical music playing on the background and you’d say the experience is perfect.

There was even one time “Silent Night” was played and the lights turned dim and I got teary-eyed. It makes me remember of what Christmas was during my childhood — a concoction of memories that flashed in my mind. I rarely had the “Christmas feels” when I became an adult because it was more of linked with errands and never-ending parties that got me restless. Enjoying a cup of latte last December in Shang made me relive the things associated with a happy Christmas celebration back in my childhood years.

Affordable Coffee, Drinks, and Pastries

You wouldn’t believe if I say it’s affordable. But yes, there are items on the menu with prices almost the same with that of Starbucks, UCC, or CBTL! The prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and applicable government taxes. The menu is accessible via QR code.

Their coffee variants are made by High Street Lounge Blend by Toby’s Estate. I love their assorted pastries. Each pastry is unique in sweetness and texture with different fillings. I haven’t tasted anything like that in any local bakery or cake shops. Their coffee blends are familiar to my taste but the refreshing drinks are unique in mixtures and presentation.

Assorted Pastries, Php 340 (Combination of Dark Cherry & Cinnamon Tartlet, Ohaina, Raspberry Éclair, and Vanilla Slice)
Ohaina, Php 195 ( Decadent Layers of Dark Chocolate Mousse served with Raspberry Coulis and Mascarpone cream)
Cappuccino, Php 200
Iced Tea in Blueberry and Pomegranate, Php 250
Lemonade, Php 250

Here’s a glimpse of the menu:

Excellent Service

The service is quick and efficient. Servers are attentive to your needs as soon as you get settled in your seats. It didn’t take too long before our orders arrived and they kept asking us if we need anything else from time to time.

No Time Limit

One thing I particularly enjoy in High Street Lounge is that it seems we can stay as long as we want to. In mainstream coffee shops like Starbucks, others would stare at you once you have finished your drinks because they are eyeing on your spot for their turn. In High Street Lounge, we stayed for three hours and we were not bothered by the other guests.

Strong WiFi Connection

I love their fast and strong WiFi internet connection which is not password-protected. I don’t know if it’s accessible to all guests of Shangri-La or that particular spot only in High Street Lounge. It’s friendly for those working remotely.

Ideal Place for Meetings or Romantic Dates

Need I say more? With the reasons stated above, it can be a recommended place for business meetings, romantic dates, or get-togethers with family and friends. Comfort and convenience are High Street Lounge’s top priorities for guests.

Choose your company

For me, I enjoyed staying here with my friends and mom. The experience is really worth it. I will not stop boasting it to my other friends who haven’t tried it. Once in a while, we deserve this special treat for ourselves and it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Special thanks to my friend Kit for introducing me to this place. And for Jem and Helen for being game with my “surprise”.

High Street Lounge
Level 2, Shangri-La The Fort, Manila
Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig