Good Taste Baguio: When Budget Meets Good Taste

Baguio is among the top destinations I love in the country. Apart from the climate, the touristy locations and cheap bazaars, it’s perfect for pigging out for foodies like me! And to unravel my first food trip, here’s Good Taste!

Good Taste is one of the most popular restaurants in Baguio among tourists and locals alike. Having been here for a few times, I’ve seen the same scene: long queue, busy servers, and sound of clinking utensils heard everywhere. Even if it takes more patience to be seated, I find myself coming back to this restaurant and love it just the same.


Good Taste – a simple yet straightforward brand known for its budget-friendly menu and huge food servings. And I mean, really huge! The generous food portions come in very reasonable prices, and surprisingly delectable taste. They also have solo meals but the authentic Good Taste experience is really validated on group dining, trust me! Good Taste caters Filipino and Chinese cuisine and affordable desserts as well.


Every time we order, we make sure it’s a combination of soup, chicken, meat, desserts and  vegetables. The batches of your order are delivered in a food cart, probably due to huge demand. Here’s what I have tried from their offerings:

Chopsuey (Php 110) The heap of vegetables in slightly thick sauce is crunchy. Baguio is known for fresh vegetables and it’s truly evident in this dish.  It also comes with fresh mushrooms, shrimp and chicken. It’s a perfect accompaniment to your meat cravings.

Buttered Chicken (Php 145 Half, Php 290 Whole) One of the best-sellers in the restaurant, Buttered Chicken is by default one of our favorites in Good Taste. The chicken is tasty, from its buttery marinade to the garlic toppings.

Fried Rice (Php 125 for 6, Php 85 for 3, Php 45, Single)  The fried rice is similar to what I have tasted in some Chinese restaurants. I like the fragrance of the rice coming from the butter or mixed veggies, hinting that it’s delicious to try.

Sinigang na Hipon The shrimps come in medium size, and is acceptable for its price and taste.

Red Velvet Cupcakes (Php 35) and Strawberry Short cake (Php 180 half) These affordable desserts are too tempting for an after-meal treat and even for take-aways.




Good Taste cannot be praised not only for its affordability and generous servings, but its commendable service. Yes, it may take time before you can secure your seat reservation or even wait for the orders to arrive. But as soon as you get seated, a server will come to your table immediately to take your orders and place the utensils, water and sauces on the table without even asking for it. And for the quality of the food, it’s also commendable. It only shows they retain the standard of the food even with the volume of customers coming in.

The atmosphere may not be ideal for undisrupted dining, like I’d always want. But looking at it in a different way, it’s nice to notice how people get festive in this restaurant over simple celebrations and good food – without hurting your wallet too much.

Will I ever come back? Of course! Always in my list! 🙂

Carino St, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines
Opening Hours: 24/7
Telephone: +632 443-7959
Facebook: Good Taste Restaurant & Cafe

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