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Affordable Yet Winning Ramen at Ramen Kuroda McKinley Hill

The top-of-the-line, fine-tasting ramen we know would always come in hefty prices. After all, cost isn’t a big deal when it compensates our expectations for premiere quality and satisfactory taste.  When it has a cheap price tag, it’s likely missing out on set standards. But…

Signature Chicken Sandwiches at FowlBread BGC

We’ve seen restaurants today enthusiastic about burgers. Contending against sizes, beefy goodness, variety of toppings – it’s a cutthroat competition out there. Fowlbread shifted from the tough burger battle and decided to focus instead on another unique creation, chicken sandwiches. Fowlbread is under the…

Thailand Throwback: Falling in Love with Thai Cuisine

Among Asian cuisines, Thai food used to be last on my list. Aside from my dislike on the fusion of sweetness and spiciness in a dish,  there is a rarity of restaurants in Manila that seem to execute Thai dishes well, based on experience. Not…

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