We’ve seen restaurants today enthusiastic about burgers. Contending against sizes, beefy goodness, variety of toppings – it’s a cutthroat competition out there. Fowlbread shifted from the tough burger battle and decided to focus instead on another unique creation, chicken sandwiches.

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Fowlbread is under the wing of Tasteless Group, the creative minds behind Wrong Ramen, Hole in the Wall, Le Petit Souffle and Hanamaruken so you couldn’t expect anything less. The menu is relatively simple and straightforward, mainly featuring chicken sandwiches, pasta, drinks, side snacks and some desserts.


Fowlbread can be recognized by its electric blue signage screaming along the food and boutique strip of Bonifacio Highstreet. It has an open kitchen where one can view how marvelous things are prepared but it’s quite hot outside for an intimate date.


The open kitchen also serves as a mini- bar that serves cocktails and other drinks. A chill-out area, so to speak. I guess hanging out here will leave all the smoke and the food stench sticking to your clothes though.


At first, you’d think it’s a mere sandwich bar, but it’s not. A small door leads to its air-conditioned dining space for those who needed privacy and a more comfy sitting area. The room looks cozy however, with its cool temperature and quirky interiors.


Fowlbread made use of vintage items as displays, taking us back to the retro era. We’ve seen an old electric fan, telephone, Betamax and television set.

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I also like the lighting of the room. It’s neither too bright nor too dark, just mellow for an intimate dinner. I’m particularly amazed with this light above the television that changes colors. Even if the space is small, it’s surprisingly cold inside.


This chandelier made of bottles added the classic touch to the dim-lit room.


Fowlbread takes chicken sandwiches to a higher level, a more artistic execution. It comes in three spice meters: safe, spicy, and chemical, with the latter the spiciest. The chemical, in my opinion is still tolerable not to the extent of burning your taste buds. Safe is too bland, and I’d rather settle for the spicy to get that legit Fowlbread experience. The sandwich is made of tender chicken fillets with assorted pickles, red raddish, crunchy chicken skin and punctuated by tangy Russian dressing. Chicken was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.

The chicken skin was golden fried to perfection, the sole ingredient that differs the sandwich among the rest. It falls apart when you eat the sandwich, so I set it aside and nibbled it separately. It’d be better though to add more seasoning to it to enhance the chicken flavor. Nevertheless, it was still good, and an interplay of textures and flavors in a small brioche bun. It gave added crunch to the sandwich and probably I’d order extra serving when I come back.

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Chicken Sandwich ala carte, Php 245 / Php 355 double (choose among safe, spicy, chemical)

This pasta can never be underestimated for its plain appearance. Garlic Egg Noodles holds the garlic flavor too strong, a tasty combination for the sandwich and can stand as an appetizer itself. Not sure of the oil used, but it blends well with the noodles. Sprinkled with pepper on top, served in a white dish. That simple, but a show-stopper. You can add potstickers (pan fried Chinese dumplings) to it such as shrimp (Php 115), pork (Php 85), or cheeseburger (Php 105) for three pieces each serving.

As of this writing, I heard they have just released Crispy Porkchop Szechuan Noodle to their menu and I can’t wait to try it!

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The presentation too was sophisticated. A little umbrella indicates that it is Chemical.


Your sandwiches may be best paired with salted or garlic fries. I liked the garlic fries more, it’s tastier. A true-blue potato lover, I’d wish if they have bigger serving of the fries.


As a newbie in the Highstreet food scene, it performed well based on the delivery of food taste, promptness of service and ambiance. I hope to see more from the menu and explore more dishes because right now, they are already doing great. If they retain the basics and keep it that limited, they would have an edge if they expand more on sauces and sides especially that customers have high expectations on their range of pricy menu.

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Building 3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
M to 1 AM
Opening Hours: Mon to Thurs and Sunday 11 AM to 12 Midnight
Fri to Sat 11 AM to 1 AM
Phone number: +6327992571
Facebook: Fowlbread

Instagram: Fowlbread

Email: hello@fowlbread.com