Food Trip and Scenery at Guiuan, Samar: Tanghay View Lodge

If there’s one thing I won’t forget every time I visit a new place, it’s the food.

Home-cooked meals prepared by the Raguirag family were incomparable. It’s really the heart-warming hospitality that tops the experience, even if we did not get to taste their  local culinary specialties due to time constraints. However, I will always relish the days we had boodle fight at White Beach, barbecue party at Guiuan Terminal, and the sumptuous lunch we had at Tanghay View Lodge.

Tanghay View Lodge is a hotel and restaurant in Guiuan situated near Leyte Gulf. There is limited information posted online about Tanghay, but the reviews would speak for its notable food, affordable hotel accommodation and nice restaurant setting. There are no rates published in hotel booking sites, but the room prices range from Php 300 to Php 1500 per night. Cheap right?


The restaurant’s commendable feature is the mesmerizing view of the Leyte Gulf and it’s more spectacular during sunset according to the locals. The boats docked are added attraction to the restaurant view.


The outdoor dining area is surrounded by a garden, and al fresco eating can be enjoyed under gazebos where you can inhale fresh air while enjoying the view.


Our heavy lunch consisted of breaded shrimps and chicken, chopsuey, vegetable soup and fried lumpia. I was not able to collect the actual prices of these and the restaurant has not posted yet its menu online. It’s a hidden gem you have to discover yourself. The food is good for group sharing, and if I remember correctly, we paid 150-200 each for this heavy feast.


The food’s taste is consistent with that of the household cooking you always look forward to.


The deliciousness of the food is evident in the batches of extra rice we ordered to satiate our hunger that afternoon.


Guiuan’s version of halo-halo was cute and colorful. I had this for only 65 pesos.


Here’s the lovely dining set-up at Tanghay.


My friends and I had an enjoyable time at Tanghay. It was a simple yet satisfying lunch that complemented our laughter, funny banters and conversations.


We were amused by the vintage collections of the owner: Coca-cola bottles and old cameras.


And here’s another fascinating collection of shells.


If I’ll go back to Guiuan, I’ll stay at the hotel and enjoy the sunset there!



Tanghay View Lodge
Brgy Lupok, Guiuan, Philippines

(no website, Facebook or Instagram address)



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