Jam Foods & Co. Could be Your Next Business Partner for Premium Quality Meat Products

Think of U.S.D.A Angus beef tapa or Angus ribeye steak and you’d imagine yourself dining at an expensive restaurant. Or drool over fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs that can be hunted down only on steakhouses or fancy buffets. These types of indulgence exhibit an impression that it’s not affordable on ordinary days, but a sheer reward on celebrating victories or special occasions. However, Jam Foods & Co. has now made it easier for every local household to enjoy these heavenly goodies through actively searching for retailers and distributors willing to do the business.

Chef John Cu-Unjieng and wife Michelle are the brilliant minds behind this food business. His formidable background on culinary and restaurant management enabled him to come up with a savory fusion of marinades, sauces, flavors for all his meat products. His brand takes pride in using the freshest ingredients with no added MSG. The meat products are imported from countries such as US, France and Germany.

Just recently, I was invited to taste some of the samples of JAM Foods’ meat products and was totally mind- blown by the unique flavor profile in each creation: Angus Original Beef Tapa, Spicy Angus Beef Tapa, Angus Korean BBQ, Premium Angus Salpicao, Premium Extra Lean Beef Tapa, Angus Baby Back Ribs, Angus Ribeye Steak and Calumpit Longanisa.

The original was among my top favorites. The presence of fat no longer requires oil in cooking it. 


For all spice lovers, this one is a sure winner. 


The sweet yet savory Korean Beef Angus BBQ is also a crowd favorite.


Salpicao lovers would surely surrender to this recipe.


If you want to get rid of fat and bask in the goodness of pure tender meat, the Premium Extra Lean Beef Tapa is truly recommended. 


This one is better than your Vigan Longganisa. Bigger in size and more garlicky in taste. 


Steak lovers will definitely find joy in this..




Jam Foods’ vacuum-sealed meat products are ready to cook and comes with package instructions. If kept frozen, the shelf life is expected to last for one year. Although Chef John mentioned that the marinating is one of his biggest hurdles, it turned out really well judging by the blends of flavors I have tasted that day. His brand is worth the risk and gamble in business as the products seemed very promising for a low-start up capital.


His products are not yet available in local grocery stores and supermarkets since they are targeting individual distributors to promote the products. For personal consumption, you may check with the distributors near your area found on Jam’s Instagram.


Jam Foods gives a new definition to processed food by providing fine imported beef products using natural preservatives and high-quality ingredients.

For interested distributors, you may check these details:

Jam Foods & Co.
Contact nos: +639175331371/ +6326229740
Email: jam.foods.and.co@gmail.com

Facebook: Jamfoods



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