A Significant Story

We’ve known Mesa as one of the best providers of affordable Filipino food. Even before local restaurants have flourished in the Metro, Mesa has established a brand popular for innovative Filipino cuisine. Through the years, I never got the chance to try it. Chanced upon a perfect timing, I was invited to try its 30th branch in Ayala Malls the 30th. Significantly, the opening of this branch had an important meaning. It opened last January 30, 2017, it is located in 30 Meralco Ave. and situated in the 30th mall of Ayala.


A Place for all Occasions

An ideal place for family gatherings, Mesa 30th has an appealing modern and minimalist interiors. The warm tones of pastel blue and orange collaborated well with the native furnishings and is notably well-ventilated. Servers assist the guests with grace and charm that you’d feel at home instantly.

Photo from Mesa 30th FB page

Mesa 30th also has two private function rooms for your corporate meetings and special occasions, with 8k rate worth of consumable food and drinks good for 14 people. The curtain divider may be removed if you want a bigger space. The room is provided with a projector and sound system suited for your events.

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The Scrumptious Food

Now let’s get to the most exciting part: the food tasting! It was an interesting night with fellow foodies, feasting on good food and carefully scrutinizing the uniqueness in each dish. It was altogether a pleasant opportunity to appreciate Filipino food more. Read along and know in the end my personal favorites.


Tinapa Roll Wrapped with Lettuce (Php 155)

The first appetizer served on the table was a tangy yet tasty combination of flaked smoked fish, tomatoes and salted egg all mashed up to form a delectable lumpia roll. Dip in the vinegar and you’d find yourself munching some more after the first bite. This is one of my top faves. We’re all used to that vegetable or pork fillings, but the smoked fish was surprisingly a competitive rendition too.



Bagoong Rice (Php 165)

The bagoong rice represents everything Filipino- from the fish sauce, green mangoes, tinapa flakes to tomatoes.The bagoong was not too strong, hence it is a good alternative to the plain rice.


Laing Two Ways (Php 170)

Served original and crispy in a dual container, this version of Laing was topped with adobo flakes and shredded coconut. The original had the typical coconut milk in contrast to the crispy. The original still stood out for me.


Crispy Boneless Pata (Php 505)

The Crispy Boneless Pata had the right elements in it – crunchy pork skin, tender meat and toasted garlic toppings. Makes you crave for a heap of white rice!



Crispy Boneless Tilapia with Four Sauces (Php 340)

Conveniently chopped and breaded in a tasteful batter, the Crispy Tilapia is also one of the favorites in the group. It comes with four sauces: spicy vinegar, sweet chili , honey shrimp paste and native sauce.


Sisig in a Pouch (Php 190)

This is a unique rendition of sisig. It is still savory despite being thickly wrapped and a good starter for the main course.


Beef and Tripe Kare -kare (Php 305)

I liked the peanut sauce of the Kare-kare, reminiscent of what we cook at home. The beef and vegetables are cooked to the right texture. Even without the shrimp paste, it is already good as it is.


Inihaw Sampler (Php 725)

The Inihaw Sampler serves your favorite grilled skewers and seafoods in one sitting: squid, liempo, bangus belly, chicken and pork barbecue and mussels.


Swahe on the Rocks (Php 295)

The staff showcased an amazing trick by enclosing the shrimps in a bowl filled with hot rocks. In less than a minute, voila, it gets cooked! The rocks are too hot to cook those shrimps.



Pinatayong Manok (Php 415)

One whole plump chicken is suspended on a wooden board to display the juicy chicken in all its dimensions, or to see the dripping oil from it. You can ask your servers to chop that into parts.


Boneless Patatim (Php 515)

I’m not really an eater of Pata but I tasted the sauce, it was good. It was not overwhelming to the palate, just having the right mixture of sweetness and saltiness.


Diamond in the Rough’s Personal Favorites

  1. Tinapa Roll – the smoked fish, tomatoes and red egg bring a delightful treat for lumpia lovers wanting to try out a different version
  2. Boneless Crispy Pata – I liked the consistency of the pork skin’s crunchiness that envelopes the tender meat and the roasted garlic can be mixed with the sauce for added taste
  3. Crispy Tilapia with Four sauces – It proves how versatile Tilapia could get. It’s crunchy and appetizing.
  4. Kare-kare- The sauce is subtle and not overpowering, the vegetables are firm and not overly blanched

Head now to Mesa 30th and experience a full-blown gastronomic feast with your loved ones!

Mesa 30th
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