I had a different birthday this year. Compared to last year, I was not that reluctant celebrating it.  Embarking on this journey, I had too many realizations. I’ve gently acknowledged the big changes in this new chapter. Although it’s a bit sad I officially left my twenties, (huhu) it’s also liberating to look back on those happy, crazy and challenging youthful years which are all part in molding who I am today.

With that, I made it sure to hold simple yet intimate gatherings with my friends and family. In a way, these are gratitude dates dedicated to the people I consider my strength and happiness.

#1 Cibo date with Church Friends

It was originally a plan of trying out the 20-peso promo with Jem at Cibo. The postponed date last week made us decide to move it to a day before my actual birthday and invite Jun and Helen, our two other friends. Ate Helen surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. In between the straightforward Italian dinner,  we talked about about slowly embracing adulthood and its perks, priorities, dilemmas, etc. They mentioned their prayer requests and well- wishes for me. I am also thankful that this group has been one of my strongest support groups within my Christian family.





#2 Cuesina with Office Friends

On my actual birthday, August 16, I still reported for work. I had lunch with my officemates in Cuesina, Grand Canal Mall. These are the bunch of people I love and trust in the office. At times, you’re grateful you belong to a guy group for they have no pretensions, complications, “kaartehan” and they can think rationally when your hormones are all over you. Salamat sa pa-cake nyo ha. Napaka-energetic niyong kumanta. Looking forward to our September escapade!



#3 Post Birthday Lunch with Family at Sarsa

I took a leave the following day to celebrate with my family. We had lunch at Sarsa in MOA. We did not reach the cut-off at La Fiesta Buffet so I brought them here instead. Good thing, they loved the food at Sarsa. Thanks to Jaika, Eli and Mom for all your efforts in making this day a memorable one!


#4 Reunion with College Friends (Philwo)

My college friends and I had a reunion at Books and Borders in Cubao. I was planning to back out already because I was not feeling well. However, I thought I should not let rare moments like these to pass. It’s hard to plan ahead considering our conflicts in schedule so I just decided to come over. It’s the usual catching up over the recent status of each other at work, lovelife, and other personal updates in between board games, cake and coffee. Thanks for the new revelations! *wink*



Unexpected Birthday Presents

#1 Cakes

I received two cakes: Red Velvet from my office friends, and the Pistachio cake from Jaika. I loved both flavors!



#2 Pink Chrysanthemums 

The last time I received a bouquet was I think seven years ago. I was surprised when Helen handed me one! So sweet of her.


#3 Watches

I don’t wear watches. It’s either I end up removing them after a few hours, or I find it too distracting when I write. My family seemed to notice it and gave me not just one but two! Jaika surprised me with a gold Aldo, while Mom gave me a silver Titan watch. I guess I should get used to wearing one!


#4 Kikay stuff

Thanks to my teammates (c/o Cas) for these cute girly stuff I can use for travel and everyday personal use. She really knows what I need lately.


More than the food, the presents, the money spent, I greatly appreciated their efforts, thoughts and company to make me feel super loved on my birthday. Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.

Cheers to another year!

To God be all the honor and glory!!