It’s my first time at Nailaholics. I used to think that specialized nail services like these are too luxurious for my taste. Good thing, Nailaholics held its second year of National Pampering Day, and that I was one of the recipients of this complimentary gift together with its other loyal patrons. Its aim was to provide selective free pampering sessions such as manicure, foot massage and foot spa at a given time frame, in all Nailaholics branches nationwide.


The place is too chic and homey not to notice. Although it was already filled with customers when I settled in, the candy-colored pillows that complemented the place’s charming walls were among the factors that make the place stand out.


I chose foot spa as my relaxing treat. I often walk miles to do errands and commute so I thought a relaxing foot spa is all I need to scrape the dry skin and moisturize it. It only took a while to wait for my turn, since I already had my slot reserved prior the date. While waiting, I observed that the people around were all enjoying their respective treatments.


I placed my feet in a small basin with warm water, and that was very relaxing. I always liked warm baths and jacuzzi so this was equally enjoyable for me. After which, the assigned lady technician started scrubbing the back of my feet using their signature foot scrub.


The tools they used looked clean and new. For those OC and nitpicky on concerns such as hygiene and cleanliness, Nailaholics is on the constant look out for tidiness. They provide fresh towels to their customers.



After scrubbing, my feet were pampered with a relaxing foot massage. Lotion was applied, and it made my legs smoother.


Definitely, I had an enjoyable time. I had no qualms about the promo except for the availability of the GC and delayed delivery of the ticket. However, I empathize with those who had to wait in line for their turn. The place was already jampacked even at the start of the mall’s opening. I suggest that maybe next year, they can implement the electronic ticket which requires advanced reservation so they can get an overview of the headcount. Imagine how many people can they only accommodate for 3 hours? The walk-ins either had to wait patiently, or go home disappointed because they reached the cut-off already. I understand that promos like these are swarmed with people that it tends to get disorganized, but I’m sure there are better ways of handling this. Maybe they can also extend the time of promo period or clearly limit the number of people they will allow to go in.

Nevertheless, I am still grateful for this #NationalPamperingDay session. Not only do I get to revive those tensed, overworked feet, but I also get to help one of its advocacies, P.A.W.S. Nailaholics likewise supports World Vision and Save Philippine Seas. I also commend Nailaholics’ endeavour to provide an ample time to pamper Filipinos, nationwide. They did not require any minimum amount of availed service, but graciously offered it for free.


Thanks Nailaholics! Til next year!


Space L4 – 458 – 459 4/F Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
contact no: 847-0280
FB: @nailaholics
IG: @_nailaholics