Kdrama has taken over the trend today, influencing music, gestures, language and even food. Thanks to the Kdrama hype, a lot of Korean restaurants today have boosted their influx of customers wanting to immerse on the culture of their idols. Seeing a lot of friends on my IG feed dining at Korean restaus, I suddenly craved for Samgyupsal. I recall those days that my friends and I would dine at Makati Ave or Malate to have that full-swing Korean food on our table.


The initial plan was to check out the famous Samgyupsalamat in Jupiter, but we were not informed that the customer queue could get crazy on a weekend so we sought another place. The place also seemed too swamped and dark inside. Searching for the list of top Korean dining venues, we arrived at Nice Two Meat U in Circuit Makati.

Nice Two Meat U is a local franchise in the country, with global branches worldwide. It’s known for affordable barbecue sets and authentic Korean dishes.


Situated on the second floor, the restaurant was spacious and cozy. Aircon was in full blast. We were greeted by their friendly staff, mostly women in tight-fit shirt and shorts. I guess it’s one of their marketing tools, although some may find it provocative for men. Anyway, we came for the food.

We ordered the PORK BBQ SET B (Php 888) consisting of Samgyupsal (pork belly), Banchan (small Korean appetizers) and hotpot .

Samgyupsal literally means three layer meat in Korean. It undergoes the process of “wet-aging” where the meat is infused or exposed to herbs. The enzymes tenderize and enhance the meat flavor. The meat is cooked in the cast-iron grill, which the servers do themselves.

Samgyupsal slices


The meat is cooked 45 seconds per side, seared by the iron. Once done, the other side is flipped. The meat is tender and tasty. I don’t eat pork fat but I find it tolerable by the way it was cooked. So that I won’t mind the fat, I wrapped it in lettuce and dipped it in the sauce. Boy, it was good! I also ordered rice since it was past dinner time already. (Excuses, haha). It can stand on its own, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not used to no-rice at all. 😀


The lady assigned to our table was charming and accommodating – she did all the grilling and the boiling of the hotpot.


The set also comes with complimentary Korean appetizers or Banchan, such as Kimchi, quail eggs, fish cakes and pickled veggies. It’s accompanied with a tray of lettuce, that as I mentioned earlier, works best with the Samgyupsal. I gave all my Kimchi to Chris, while I took repeat orders of the fishcake.


Pork with quail eggs
Pickled Raddish

The hotpot was equally good for the tummy. It was flavorful, warm and soothing. It had the usual veggies, pork and tofu in it. I just find the serving size too small.



Aside from set meals, they do have ala carte rice meals, noodles, other hotpot soups, sides, salads and liquor. They may not have the eat-all-you-can dining feature, but the set is already heavy and satisfying. One set is good for two people.


What do I like the place? This restaurant has the edge among others because of its spacious and pleasant interiors. You’d definitely love the personalized service per table, that you need not to worry about anything to prepare. You just sit there, watch your meat get cooked and your soup simmer to perfection. Most importantly, the food served here is of high quality– making use of the fresh, premium ingredients to complete your authentic Korean dining experience.

Thanks for the warm service! See you again, Nice Two Meat U!

Nice Two Meat U
Second Floor, Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City
Phone: +6322469069 ext:668
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 3PM to 2AM
Sat to Sun: 11:30 AM to 2 AM
IG: @nicetwomeatuph