Annyeong-Haseyo! There is something too enticing about Korean food that made me visit three restaurants in just two months. I’ve visited Nice 2 Meat U, Jumong, and just recently – All4U Unlimited Grill and Organic Shabu Shabu in Century Mall, Makati.  It could be the freshness of ingredients, the aesthetics in food presentation, convenience in dining, or simply the taste — that keeps me coming back for more.

Whatever the reason is, all I know is I wanted to redeem my failed attempt with “unlimited” Korean food with Samgyupsalamat. Thankfully, I was able to score seats at All4U! It’s another food haven in Makati that offers refillable meat, rice, soup, sides and veggies to its faithful patrons.


Getting a table quickly was no easy feat. They do not accept phone reservations, only walk-ins. If you’d ask, it was our second attempt to dine here. The day before, we were  17th on the line and that would take 2 hours or more, so we walked away and went to North Park instead. When we came back the following day, the queue was more tolerable so we patiently waited for about an hour just not to let this chance pass.


For only Php 599, you’d get an unlimited serving of the following: Shrimp, U.S. Beef, Pork, vegetables, Shabu Shabu, rice, sauces, side dishes, Korean ramen, Melona ice cream, and one free beverage.

A Legit Korean Table: Sauces, Appetizers, Seafood and Meat

I was thrilled to see the small plates being delivered to our table one by one. It was a vibrant and colorful mix of meat, veggies, seafood, and sauces. The server will set-up the grill and place the Shabu Shabu pot at the center where you can cook the Korean ramen and add veggies into it.


Having a low tolerance for spicy food, I requested not to include the chili powder! We chose the Shabu Shabu broth over chicken broth, believing it is more apt to the food selections.


While waiting for the meat and noodles to be cooked, we tried on the appetizers. The happy camper in me devoured on the fresh lettuce and fish cake, and dipped it in different sauces.

Big Bowl of Green Lettuce

You also get to try samplers of Korean starters such as Kimchi, pickled radish and sweetened dilis with nuts. I find the crunchy dilis unique and appetizing, lending sweet notes to my tongue. For the sauce, my vote goes to the soy sauce on the fourth from the left. It was a mixture of sweet and sour with spices I have yet to identify. The second one was also interesting. The oil has this extra flavor that gives another character to any type of dish.

Appetizers and Sauces

Between the pork and the beef, I had more servings of the latter. Not only because I am adamant to pork, but probably the beef had this perfect texture and seasoning enough to please me. It was superbly tender and went well with the lettuce! It has been a regular habit to wrap it with lettuce and dip it in different sauces.  The pork was good, but not to that extent that it overcomes the beef.



For the refreshments, we ordered red iced tea. We ended the sumptuous afternoon lunch with Melona.


For the overall rating, I’d rate it 4.5 stars. All4U has great value for money — no questions about that. The food taste and quality was also commendable, considering both the serving portions and and presentation. The servers were also quick and attentive to your needs. The only factors that missed the perfect meter is the waiting time for customers and the absence of credit card terminal. They could probably expand space to accommodate more groups and consider accepting cards as mode of payment to attract more customers.


Do I mind taking another visit? Certainly! It’s ideal for families, friends and lovers alike. Empty your stomach before heading here, as you’d face a food battle you don’t wanna lose!

Tip: Reserve as soon as the restau opens.

Fourth Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue,
Poblacion, Makati City
Contact: +632 8092881
Opening hours: M to F, 11 AM to 11 PM
Facebook: ALL4U unlimited Grill & Organic shabu shabu