Isn’t it exciting when a restaurant rolls out a new roster of its menu? For me, it is a good indication that people behind the business are constantly thinking of innovative ways to please its customers. The competitive food industry is evolving too fast that you can’t be complacent enough. Trends in the market come and go, and you have to keep up with the adventurous palate of your customers.


Shawarma Bros Then and Now

For Shawarma Bros, they are up for the game. After six months of planning, they recently introduced more product lines and more creative elements to their fantastic shawarma curations. We all now that Shawarma Bros humbly started as a food truck way back, and due to large demand and wider target market — it has upgraded itself to a restaurant where customers can sit, dine and enjoy. Its branches in BGC stopover and Venice Grand Canal Mall have become the favorite food hubs for corporate junkies like me.  Now, they are pushing the boundaries of modern Persian cuisine. Using more refined flavours, Shawarma Bros unveils a whole new experience with its familiar taste profile —- but more improved, more appetizing for everyone.



The New Members of the Shawarma Bro Craze

Just last week, they formally launched the Beef & Chicken Shawarma Rice Plates, Beef Kebab Rice Plate, Persian Honey Butter Chicken, Shawarma Wraps (Basic, French, and Burrito), Brotato Fries, Dip Trip and Bronana. I’ve already tried some of their Shawarma Rice versions before, and it excites me that there are new additions to the menu. It really takes guts to step a higher notch when it comes to reinventing the existing best-sellers.











Fun That Day

Invited guests enjoyed the fun-filled evening at Shawarma Bros BGC. Brave souls signed up for the 300 ml and 500 ml Beer Challenge. The ones with the shortest time to finish won. The Instagram Photo Contest also encouraged the audience to post their snapshots of the food and the best IG photo wins.



One of the Bros

Whenever I’m in Shawarma Bros, I can eat like a man! Never mind the calories, as long as I get to enjoy my favorite Persian food! What I also like about Shawarma Bros are the sauces: Garlic Yoghurt, Cheese Sauce, and Chili Tomato. I prefer mixing them all together to come up with that cheesy, garlicky and spicy flavor that does not overwhelm the taste buds. I remember writing my “wishlist” in a previous blog post a year ago that I look forward to seeing bigger serving sizes, more selections in the menu and bolder flavors — and now it has come to a reality! Congratulations, Bros!


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