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The Good Thing about Bad Bird Serendra

I have this impression that the food in Bad Bird is way too expensive for my average budget. There is always a long line at Hole in the Wall but I never joined the hype. For me, a chicken platter seems too common to…

Calle Gourmet: Gourmet Food for Less

As someone who loves food, I’ve tried quite a number of restaurants already. I get excited trying newly-opened food businesses and check out how they uniquely execute their concepts. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall, a classy restaurant, a budget eatery or a famous fast food…

Shawarma Bros Introduces its New Menu

Isn’t it exciting when a restaurant rolls out a new roster of its menu? For me, it is a good indication that people behind the business are constantly thinking of innovative ways to please its customers. The competitive food industry is evolving too fast…

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