When it comes to quality burgers, 8 Cuts Burger Blends is a cut above the rest. Boasting eight different cuts of premium beef complemented with the freshest of ingredients, 8 Cuts has become a hallmark among the burger  joints in the metro.


Just like any growing restaurant, 8 Cuts constantly evolves and improves. It was moreover emphasized in the launching of its Six Daily Steals. Catch your favorite burger blends paired with different elements and pick the feisty combo that works best for you. Ranging from the classic duos of burgers and fries or onion rings to burger sliders paired with salad or pasta, the Steals have something in store for you — no matter what kind of eater you are.


Together with my foodie friends, we were able to score these new creations through the kind gesture of 8 Cuts. We were a bunch of burger lovers eager to try out all the Steals, and determine our personal preferences in the end.


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Steal 01 – The Basic

Steal 01- The Basic, Php 299
Steal 01- The Basic, Php 299

The Basic is a combination of 1/4 lb Cheeseburger, Skinny Fries or Onion Rings, and Iced Tea. This was Jun’s pick. Oozing with cheese, the burger had the right proportions of cheesy flavor to complement the savory beef patty. It also had fresh tomatoes and lettuce, adding extra crisp and texture to the burger. This one goes out to the ones who wanted the simple, classic burger without the frills.

Steal 02- The Light Weight

Steal 02- The Light Weight, Php 299

If you want to deviate from the typical beef patty, then go for the Light Weight. But do not underestimate it by its name — the filler is thick enough to keep you full. You can choose from any ‘Wich (Chick ‘Wich, Fishy ‘Wich, or The Falafel ) then pair it with onion rings or Skinny Fries and Iced Tea. My Chick ‘Wich is a nice mix-up of Fried Chicken Fillet, Aioili-tossed coleslaw, Chicken Crackling and Hot Jalapeno Honey. I loved the contrast of the textures of the coleslaw and the chicken. It was a bit tangy, sweet and spicy but the medley of flavors was really very awesome.

Steal 03- The Heavy Duty

Steal 03- The Heavy Duty, Php 345
Steal 03- The Heavy Duty, Php 345

This was the Steal of Karen. She quickly grabbed the chance to pick this as I think she wants to make the most out of her meal. I was willing to give this option to the guys, but she sealed the deal. The Heavy Duty is a combo of Piggy Burger (made of house-made smoked Bacon, House Cheddar, Sauce No. 3, Garlic Aioli and Bacon-Onion Compote), Skinny Fries or Onion Rings and iced tea.  The large slab of patty did not disappoint, with the taste highlighted more by the crunchiness of the Smoked Bacon. The special sauce delivered it excellently, might I add.

Steal 04- The Equalizer

Steal 04- The Equalizer, Php 345


This was Helen’s choice. The Equalizer is a platter of two pcs. Chicken Littles, one slider, Chopped Chicken and Chips Salad and Party Spaghetti. She liked the contrasting textures of the salad and the chips, and the chicken chops for her was well-flavored that she wasn’t able to notice the Chicken Littles that much. It was a well-balanced plate of meat and veggies in one go.

Steal 05- The Big Kid

Steal 05- The Big Kid, Php 355

This was Jem’s order. The Big Kid has Cheeseburger Slider, Party Spaghetti, and Golden Cheddar Mozza Nuggets. Although small in size, the slider for Jem was meaty and juicy. She also like the Mozza Nuggets – it was served warm and accompanied by a terrific sauce. It was so cheesy inside! The Party Spaghetti however, lacked in taste. It was a bit bland. We were looking for more flavor in the sauce. My hunch is that it was really meant to be that simple to not overpower the burgers and the chicken — being the main stars of the meal.

Steal 06- The Party Animal

Steal 06- The Party Animal, Php 365

This was the Steal of John. Being the big guy that he is, I assume we wants to devour one heavy plate of Chicken Littles, Cheeseburger Slider, Fries and Party Spaghetti. John had high expectations of this meal, being the most expensive among the six Steals. The burger for him was small but flavorful, but the Party Spaghetti likewise didn’t match up to his standards. Also, the serving looked bigger in the photos than in reality.

Bonus: The Group’s Mighty Pick

We ordered a tub of onion rings and we were all hypnotized with the taste! It was crisp, hot, and crunchy. The breading was also flavorful to keep your appetite running! I forgot to take a photo of it.

Our Verdict

The Six Daily Steals were a combination of both hit and miss. The serving portions looked bigger in the photos than the actual serving. There were mix-matches that rendered a palatable combo, but there were also some Steals that weren’t as luscious as they seemed. Prices weren’t justifiable for some in the menu. Nevertheless, they are still interesting and worthy to try — if you are looking for that factor to put some twist to your usual orders.


We did enjoy our stay at 8 Cuts. More than the laughter and the teasing and jesting, we were able to experience the warm and efficient customer service that makes it a worthy place to look forward in Serendra.

Thanks again 8 Cuts and thanks to my friends Jun, John, Helen, Karen and Jem for being game!!

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