Quezon City is a bustling food scene in the metropolis. In addition to the bountiful restaurants, food gems, food parks and hole-in-the-wall dining spots, Elements Hall brings together in a two-storey food complex a dynamic range of gourmet finds.

Today, we witnessed the grand opening. I noticed that each concessionaire is a new concept, something I haven’t heard before. With that, it’s a perfect venue to explore the food concoctions.  Ranging from local culinary delights to global cuisines, Elements Hall at Rallos has something in store for each and everyone.

Bobby Yap and family at the ribbon-cutting event
What sets it apart from the rest? There is a distinguished area for casual dining (Picnic Grounds), and a more intimate, formal one.

Picnic Grounds – the fast food section of Elements Hall

So let’s get the ball rolling and get to know each food concessionaire.


Facebook: Bibi- Waf

Taste the holidays all-year round with Bibi-Waf! Bibi-waf is an incredible idea of combining our favorite Filipino dessert, Bibingka and the famous American breakfast, waffle. It’s still the same with the traditional Bibingka that uses galapong or rice flour, but then infused with different flavors a la waffle style. Featuring all-day breakfasts and Sweetie Bibi-Waf with special frostings, Bibi-waf is your to-go place when you’re looking for that Pinoy dessert with a twist. No need to wait for Christmas to taste that famous Filipino delicacy, as Bibi-Waf is available at Elements Hall all season.



These famous local and imported ingredients can also be added to your Bibi-Waf


Nina’s Sweet Delicacies by Eurobake

Facebook: Nina’s Sweet Delicacies by Eurobake Quezon City Branch

Nina’s Sweet Delicacies is the home of the original Inipit — that flat sandwich pastry with cream filling, a famous dessert that is reminiscent of a childhood sari-sari store treat. Hailing from Malolos, Bulacan, Nina’s Sweet Delicacies is a local-delicacy shop where you can find delicious pasalubong items such as Inipit, Pastillas, Ensaymada, bottled gourmets like Spanish Sardines, etc.


The Original Inipit from Bulacan
The other delicacies at Nina’s
The giant ensaymada and Inipit

Mantaro Original Peruvian Cuisine

Facebook: Mantaro The Original Peruvian Restaurant 

Mantaro is all about Peruvian food. It has two best sellers- Ceviche de Pescado and Arroz con Mariscos. Ceviche de Pescado is raw fish marinated in citrus juice with red onions and aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow chiles). It is served with sweet potato and maiz cancha (Peruvian corn nuts).  Arroz con Mariscos on the other hand, is the Peruvian version of the Spanish Seafood Paella, with shrimps, mussels and squid thrown in for a good measure.


Red Pineapple

Red Pineapple is a Chinese dim sum place that brings traditional Cantonese flavors into the local food scene. All delectable dim sum creations are hand -made using only the finest of ingredients. Their specialties range from Siomai to Taipao (extra large siopao). I really liked the Siomai and Polonchay Dim Sum. The Polonchay Dim Sum was something new to me, but surprisingly a crowd favorite during the event. It was soft and moist inside, and a hint of chili in the soy sauce can bring out all the best flavors in it.




Cold Delibeery

Cold Delibeery showcases Pinoy streetfood favorites such as barbeque, Isaw (chicken intestine), liempo and of course, the best match for it — beer.



Facebook: Clucky’s

Clucky’s is all things chicken. You can never go wrong with Fried Chicken Wings — as it is a popular finger food executed in different versions and flavors. Clucky’s has that quality we all look for in Chicken Wings — crisp on the outside, and juicy on the inside. On top of that, there is a mixture of sauces like barbecue and soy garlic to try for everyone. To complement the chicken, a variety of side dishes such as House Salad, Parmesan Fries Dirty Rice, and Torikatsu Chicken Burger are also available. I also got to taste the Kimchi rice, which perfectly matches the chicken wings. You can also check out the Bulgogi rice.

Chicken Wings and Kimchi Rice

Gelato Lab

Facebook: Gelato Lab

Gelato Lab takes pride in creating all-natural, high quality gelato without artificial flavorings, dyes or ready-made mixes. As an example, they put real fruits into their mixes and even make their own nut pastes. To maintain the quality and freshness, only small batches are churned every time.

In 2015, it was awarded the no. 2 spot in the Ultimate Taste Test.

Gelato for take home
My salted caramel gelato

Mang Max Big Belly Lechon

Facebook: Mang Max Lechon

Who says no to Lechon? It’s an all-time favorite among Filipinos, specially the pork-lovers. Mang Max’s specialty is the lechon belly, which is available in regular or spicy. Need something for your parties or occasions? Mang Max Big Belly Lechon is perfect for all the festivities.

Lechon Belly

18 Days Coffee Roaster

Facebook: 18 Days Coffee

With great food, comes great coffee. Coffee cannot be excluded from any food establishment. With 18 Days Coffee, you can create your own blends and roaster using a Philippine-patented air roaster.


18 Days Coffee


Twapakto is big tummy in Chinese. One can enjoy Chinese roasting delicacies, braised meats and side dishes best accompanied with Japanese rice or pan fried noodles. To culminate the experience, an array of desserts such as Lecheflan Shake and Halo Halo are also offered. It’s also the Chinese restaurant outside Picnic Grounds, for a more cozy and intimate dining experience.



Different Themes, One Big Gastronomic Food Hub

Come visit Elements Hall @ Rallos and begin an awesome food experience! By the looks of it, more food stalls will be opened, so stay tuned and watch out for it.

Even if Quezon City is far for my place, I consider this a worthy food adventure. Now I noticed, most of my events are in Quezon City! Like I said earlier, it’s a big food jungle. I know more discoveries will be unfurled later on.

Elements Hall at Rallos
27 Scout Rallos, Quezon City
Facebook: Elements Hall at Rallos
Instagram: elementsatrallos
Email: elementsatrallos@gmail.com